Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday shoes ...

we're melting!

it's one 


here in the PacNWest!

i will be trekking in my crazy plaid rain boots!

what  kind of shoes will you be wearing today?

have a wonderful weekend! 


Thursday, January 19, 2012's another morning at the farm table... under the chandie...a bit of French bread...

a view of our dining room from the kitchen sink.  our red phone is vintage
 PB. the Chocolate Gousse's  puppy chow is kept in the Ikea can! the chandie
looks very drum~like with it's upholstery ticking makeover for January.

the has snow stopped falling...
it's soooo frozen outside. most of the buses are not running. Mr D
drove into work this morning. he called and advised me to wait a bit before
going in to the office. i'll be commuting to work around 11:00 am, with my dear 
friend Helen. she has a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which is helpful in icy conditions.

last night, on the national news they were reporting how a few inches of
snow paralyses western Washington. it's mainly because we do not have adequate
road equipment and we dwell among steep hills.  when you cross the Cascade
Mountains into eastern Washington, it's a whole different story. they have much 
more snow than we do, which justifies the need for snow equipment. 

this morning i gathered some inspiration on the farm table. i had some natural
 black wool (which is really dark taupe) that i needed to wind into balls. i 
accomplished the winding with my coffee this morning.

i  then decided to grab some needles and cast on a few stitches for a winter scarf.

also on the table, i placed two of my favorite books from French General.

"Handmade Soirees"

and "Hand Sewn"
Hand Sewn has an envelope filled with beautiful patterns
inside the front cover!

our table holds today's inspiration. 
i hope that you have the loveliest day!
it's time to get ready for the Northwest trek to the office...MUSH!


very over priced...but inspiring...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winterplace...snowed in...found a pretty Etsy shoppe...

this may be your very first peek at 34th street!  it's just a regular
little neighborhood street. this morning, it
is beautiful because it has been dusted with a blanket of  fresh fallen snow. 

a few posts ago, i mentioned that i wished to keep a couple strands of 
lights up until the end of January.  we chose the glowing cedar garland on the
 front steps. the garland still so fresh and fragrant. Mr D has the lights on a timer. 
the lights are a welcome greeting when we return from our workday.
this morning it frames our  front porch view of  34th street.

it's so pretty!

on the steps i have two stone vases filled with bay leaf branches!

Mr D's miniature fir lollipop topiary  has a new winter cap!
there are two chilly little winter Pansy plants and a  iron hummingbird .
it amazes me how the Pansies weather the winter storms.

our home style is a Pacific Northwest Contemporary. it was built in 1979.
this is what it looks like at 5am on a snowy week day morn. 
we are early risers due to Mr D's commute. the snow is falling like
the finest sprinkle of sugar as i am taking the photographs.

~ * ~ 

i found this pretty little Etsy  shoppe!

Julie sells precious trimmings that are

reminiscent of  the "bits and bobs" that were in the homes of my
Grandmothers and Great Aunties!

i am smitten with this pleated crepe paper.

her products are  perfectly packaged and presented.
they would make a lovely party favor, or Valentine "as is".

she has also assembled a wonderful nostalgic Valentine kit for purchase!
if you would like to visit her shoppe click


Monday, January 16, 2012

Winterplace...sipping "warm" on snow days and nights!

it's snowing here on 34th street!

that means it's time for hot chocolate!

 we serve it...heaped with marshmallows,

or topped with freshly whipped cream 
and shaved chocolate!

here are the recipes of some of our favorite
Winterplace drinks along with a few 
new ones that i plan to try soon!

{hot mulled apple cider with whipped 
creme and caramel}
~ here ~

we love sipping a warm treat 
by the fire while taking in
Winter's cool magic!

PW's hot chocolate recipes!

below, are two snowy evening
 (or afternoon if you please) drinks with a little kick!

{blueberry tea}
 is my Whistler, BC signature drink. 

(now that you have seen the recipe, you might ask... Lynne, where are the
blueberries? well, according to Wikipedia. ~here~ , the mix has
been likened to the taste of blueberries.
  i have used a blueberry blend tea in the recipe. it's also fun to
drop a fresh berry in the snifter with the cinnamon stick for a finishing touch.)

Gluhwein  (glow wine) or 
en France, Vin Chaud (mulled hot wine)
is Mr D's favorite when we go to the mountains!
~ recipe here~

speaking of PW... she took this photograph!
it's one of my favorite Winter "pins".

Ree's recipe for dulce de leche coffee is
right ~here~!

it's time to get to the office!
i'm leaving a bit late today. there are a few 
hills, both arterial, and freeway, between 
34th street and the office. i may just have Mr D. 
drive me in the Expedition since he's off
for M.L.K. day!

happy Monday !


{all photos courtesy of Pinterest}

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winterplace...making a kitchen journal...

there are a few art supplies needed for the course.
i plan to visit Michael's this week.

i couldn't let the lack of a few art supplies get in the way of making my
first journal. i dug around my craft junk room and found this old  government
 ledger that i bought for $5.00  a couple of years ago.

the last entry in this book was on November 13, 1960.

i gathered some Grandmother's teaspoons, an old button,
my ticket to ascend the Eiffel Tower on July 1, 1996, and the sterling
silver charm, that i chose as my souvenir of the ascent.
one of my favorite items to purchase at Ikea is the 79 cent  Tekla
dish towel.  i opened up the drawer in the kitchen and found one
without a stain. i was going to do some hand stitching on it before i
applied it to the cover of the book.
( hence the pinning... i actually tried, but did not like
the effect, so i ripped it out.)

i just looked around the kitchen and played with what i found.
do you recognize the green circle and the little tag with the red love knot?
i took them from my Herbs of  Provence jar!  i also chose a couple of
business cards from two of our favorite Washington State wineries.
oh!!! my MAMA BISCOTTI  postmark!

i can tuck daily inspirational quotes and grace notes
between Grandmother's spoons!

my Eiffel Tower ticket  is attached with a mini clothes pin from  Ms B. at Besotted.

i could not glue it! i love to see both sides! i love to hold it!
 i also love that it's an
 arrow that points to... " let's see what's inside"!

it's good to go! time to whoop it up!
i'm journalling!!!!!!
(oops, it's another word made up, according to google)
 somehow the movie What about Bob? comes to mind.
now i'm sailing smiling!

happy Sunday!


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