Sunday, February 5, 2012

practical Eiffel...

i could not resist!

i bought a pair for me, and i also pick up a pair for you!
if you would like me to send them to your house, 
just leave a little comment below!
i will draw the winning name on the day they arrive!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday shoes...

~ in my dream, i was wearing party shoes made from book pages...

...i danced on a roof top!~

wishing you all  the sweetest of weekend dreams, day & night!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

this morning, at the farm table...

with small a gathering

of woman

that have inspired 

Maria (lavender pillow), Donna (crystalle) , my Grandma Hazel (she made hand crocheted
covers for basket lids ...they are the sweetest heirloom) and Alexandra! 

and contributed to "everyday elegance" 
here on 34th street!  

{if you haven't visited this will have 
missed a heaping sprinkle of French sugar!}


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a tale of two Verona's...

Welcome to February!
it's time to talk about LOVE. i can smell LOVE brewing in our blog
world and everywhere!

i am proud to be from the home of Starbucks!
i have been drinking it since the early 70's.
my favorite blend is Caffe' Verona! during the days
leading up to Valentine's Day, the stores feature Verona
and chocolate.  it's a perfect marriage!
(an affordable way to experience the best of both worlds)

Cafe Verona originated as the house blend of a restaurant called
Jake O'Shaughnessy's. it was a very popular restaurant at the
foot of Queen Anne Hill. back in the first days of Starbucks, they would
blend the coffee beans for you at your request.  Jake's blend  became the
most popular request. when Howard Schultz  bought Starbucks in 1987,
he chose to trademark the blend and call it...
it you want to "have your cake and eat it too",  brew a cup of Verona
to go with your slice of chocolate cake! YUM...pure February!

~ * ~ 

every girl seeks a happy ending to the story of Romeo and Juliet.
 it could be found at the place where it started,
Verona, Italy. the town has capitalized on it's place in literary history. 

there one can visit the famous balcony inspired by the story,

and leave a letter for Juliet.

each February they stage a festival  called "Verona in Love".
lovers visit from all over the world to dine, shop, and listen to concerts on Piazza Bra.

 at night, the streets are heart lit!
the traditions of Verona inspired the book Letters To Juliet, which
was made into this cute little predictable romantic movie.


Mr D and i will watch it with artichokes and wine, on the Saturday movie
night before Valentine's Day. ( yes, he actually sets aside his sci -fi and
 war movies, to view this romantic "chickish" flick!)

i truly LOVE reading your comments!
i am honored to have you pop in for a visit to 34th street!

(is that chocolate for our pre -work out and breakfast visit? shhhhh!)
it's with CaffeVerona in my cup, and a heart lit like the streets
of Verona, Italy  that i will be visiting you this month!
...and, as always...