Saturday, April 14, 2012

are you ready to go?

how fun is this photo?
 it's just screams warm weather on the go to me.
i would love to pop one of these over my shoulder with blue jeans, 
a white tee and flip flops or Tom's!
don't forget your passport!


yes! i found the photo corners at Picmonkey.
it's that one door closes a window opens thing again!
thank you to all that gave me the direction and confidence to move ahead!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Just one pic!

(i took this photo last Summer.)

~ a little vintage pop up market in the sunshine!~
some girls really know how to romance a garage sale!

have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's wrap...the last Picnik show...

it's a wrap!
(a little Hollywood vernacular spoken here)

i've ordered my takeout! 
(if you Picnik you know what i'm talkin' about!)

my final Picnik banner. 
 i love to change my banner. for me, it's like window trimming. change the displays.
keep it fresh and new. it's from my old retail days.

 with the probability of not changing my banner for awhile, i opted for a more
permanent concept.  it's simple, transitional, and makes it's 34th street statement.
i shot the image on the left at the Barn House Market last Summer.
the image on the right, i found on Pinterest.
the source is unclear. (if you are the source, please leave a comment
or send me an email so i may give you credit and a link on my sidebar!)

what are your plans for replacing Picnik?
have you found a program that is equally user friendly?

with all of this French's time to workout!

~ for  the photo sources of  the images in this post visit here ~


Sunday, April 8, 2012


i found the images to follow on Pinterest several weeks ago.

their natural, simple statement captured my attention.
(perfect...for my Easter morning post)

yesterday morning, while i was putting together
my blog post...Mr D called my name...
"Lynne, come here...we have a Quail in our front yard!"

we observed the visiting Quail return to the large mound of Pampas
grass, in our neighbor's side yard, across 34th street street.
soon after his return, a hen and three babies appeared.

this morning we woke early to find the family scurrying back and forth,
across the street to our front yard and drive.

last year we planted some natural grasses is our front yard. perhaps
we have created condos for the Quail to propagate in the city!

   we poured our coffee, and silently hung out the dining room window watching the activity...
...until the crows showed up!


He is risen!
Happy Easter!