Friday, June 22, 2012

just one pic!

i don't have a big girl camera. it's on my wish list.
in the mean time,
i can dream about accessorizing her and visit.

are you thinking what i'm thinking...

thank you for your visits and sweet comments this week!
thank you for your beautiful images and  your sweet stories that inspire
my every day!

have a beautiful weekend! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday morning on the farm table...

it's 6:00 in the morning on the farm table.

the sun is shining !

welcome Summertime!
 i gave a gift of one of Maria's lavender pillows to a 
friend at work. everyone loved it and wished to place an order.
the order arrived yesterday. 
 Mr D's wine club shipment also arrived recently. our table is
a simple vision in white this morning! it's pretty to me.
the fragrance is amazing!

freshly brewed coffee and  

a table of French lavender...

what a perfect way to start the first full day of summer!
 i'll sip my coffee and play for a minute or two.
i'll say goodbye to our Spring chandie!

she will transition into Summer this weekend.

 shall i take her back in time?


lavish her in linen and white ?

i'll share my decision next week!


have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

in five more days...

...i will 

no road more trips to Portland!

there are TWO coming to the greater SEA-Town and T -Town communities!

one of them is only THREE miles from 34th street!

so now you can see this week's reason why i am soooo 
jazzzzed about Summer here in the PacNWest! 

...and next week's reason? 

there's a big party at Holland's house on the horizon!

(last night's dinner... via  Chrislyn's facebook post.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

yesterday's breakfast with Dad...

it was sunny, but very  blustery! 
we braved it and ate outside!

Father's Day At
Chambers Bay Grill

there was a special menu.

meet my Dad,  he's Faccionable, and very handsome!

 a  paved trail runs the entire length of the course on Chambers Bay.
there were moments that we felt like we could be seated at the Westminster
Kennel Club!  quite a parade of pups!

here,  is our view of south Puget Sound. if you look to the left of the photograph,
you will see a freight train entering into the picture perfect scene!

the area is very natural. the course reminds me of the courses of Scotland.
my Dad said, "Lynne, how do you describe this?"  "It's not stuffy and fancy."
my answer, "it simple, beautiful, understated, and non contrived, Dad."
"they didn't mess with already perfect."

i love the atmosphere of golf course grills. you feel like a neighbor popping in for a visit!
the waitress graciously took several photographs for us.

i wore the pearls that he surprised me with when he popped into my office
to take me to lunch after my treatment for BC.  he told me that i was brave.  
(i will tell you a secret... emotionally, it's rougher on the loved ones) 

with that said...

...i am SO JAZZZZED this Monday morning!
Summer begins this week!
it's going to be packed with activity and to do's!
life is full and fun! 
i better sign off and get my "bum" to the gym!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

a date with my dad...

dear God, i am truly blessed.

although my mind and heart do 
not feel 60, i officially hit the BIG  6 - 0 in February.




my Dad is...


he is meeting me here on 34th  Street at 8:15 am.

and we are going  to Chambers Bay for breakfast.

i'll take my camera, i hope to have a few images to share tomorrow!

if you live near Tacoma and would like to more about this beautiful place
click ~ here ~.

i will end this post with a heartwarming random memory about my dad.

my dad loves the sound of bagpipes!

my father was a policeman in Seattle. (my mom was an RN)
they would work opposite shifts to "be home with the kids'.

our school was 3 blocks away, at the very end of 127th street.
(you could see it from our front porch).

we were reminded that Dad was working graveyard when we
heard  the sound of the "pipes" on the walk home from school.
 some days we would faintly hear them (Dad's playin' the pipes!)
when we hit the row of mailboxes, that stood one block away from
our front door. (may God bless the neighbors).
 we would open the door to find Dad, eyes closed, lying on the floor in front of
our mid-century stereo.
  the pipes were blasting and the house was shaking!
we smiled and told him to turn it down! 
 we felt secure! we were lucky to have a parent home to greet
us when we returned home from school.

the sound of the pipes take me home.

we honor our Dad's in Heaven and on Earth today.
they hold our hearts and our hands forever!

Happy Father's Day!

taken at Chamber's Bay on opening day!