Saturday, July 7, 2012

the Saturday morning post... an Idaho sunrise...

a thought...

why not post as i cook breakfast this morning.

hmmm...Idaho sunrise!
Jay's home from Idaho. he's in a friend's wedding this afternoon.
 still sleeping...the rehearsal dinner was last night, and he IS on vacation, after all.

so...why not a little Idaho Sunrise surprise for when he awakes.

ooops! no big baking potatoes in the house? 

let's go...

(my weekend special board!)

so now it's time to improvise...

take the JUMBO muffin pans and make some hash brown nests!
if you can pre-bake the nests at 400 for 10 minutes...this
will make them crispy. also, this will allow the final baking process to be shorter
for an over easy egg!
add some snip, snip sauteed bacon...

(sauteed broccoli for me!)
 i recently found out that i am allergic to pork.
i know...bummer!

shredded Tillamook, (the cheese of choice in the PacNWest!)
one egg into each nest!  dust with sea salt, cracked pepper, and
a little more Tillamook...grated just a tad finer for the top.
pop the pans in the oven for  in the oven for...15 minutes at 400 degrees.
(about 12 minutes if you pre- toasted the hash browns,  and you wish to have
an over easy egg.)

i apologize about the quality of the close ups...
(point and shoot, you know!)

add some buttered Dave's Killer Bread, and we're in business!
do you see the dash of  Herbs de Provence on mine? (it's the top plate.)
what a perfect compliment for this recipe!

my favorite town in Idaho has a pretty French name... Coeur d' Alene.

with the Herbs de a
Coeur d' Alene  Sunrise!

this is a recipe that one can play with. have some fun and make it your own.

{hmmm...Coeur d' Lynne}


Thursday, July 5, 2012

the morning after last night's late late show!

we always joke about the morning after the
Fourth of July.  we call it picking up in the war zone. our neighborhood
consists of loops and cul d' sacs. the neighbors in the cul d' sacs usually pool 
their fireworks and put on their respective shows.

the plants around the front porch are beginning to bloom. the hydrangeas 
and the day lilies are in sync. you can see the silhouette of  our 
Chocolate Gousse peaking out from the screen door. 

the window at the foot of the steps (on my way to the back yard) displays my little 
rustic ~romantic version of red, white and lavender blue.

nature's quiet fireworks at sunrise.

Grandma Elizabeth's pale pink firecracker fuchsia.
i brought cuttings from her yard to our home over 30 years ago.
the original plant would now be over 60 years old. 

this bed of lilies is always in full bloom on the Fourth of July! 

with the pick up finished,  it's now time to take that last sip of French roast
and get ready for work! Summer has finally
arrived in the Pacific Northwest. It's going to be a perfect day!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a berry special day for Holland Grace...

i was able to get over to Jason and Chrislyn's home to
retrieve my camera. here's a peek and Holland Grace's 
first birthday party, last Saturday.

welcome to Holland's house.
come on in!

strawberry fields garlands forever!
Chrislyn was very busy with her Cricut and Cuddlebug.

the menu included  grilled hot dogs with fixings, homemade
baked beans, potato salad and lots of Summer~ fresh
fruits and vegetables.

Chrislyn used Paula's recipe found here.
 the strawberry shortcake trifles were

served in mason jelly jars. 

Holland's cake was made with love by her mama.

yes, she was directing the chorus!
happy birthday to me!
( i love her!)

she knows how to party!
(she must take after her grandma)
great grandma Jan made her little strawberry pique smock.

Chrislyn made 40 "thank you berry much" strawberry favors.
inside was a scoop of strawberry flavored jelly bellies.
for more images of the party, visit Holland Blossom!


Monday, July 2, 2012

dessert atop dessert? this takes the cake!

first... a little Monday morning disclaimer!
Holland's first birthday was wonderful! i would have photographs to share today had i NOT
" forgot my camera at her house". 
 (proper English, not really...proper girlfriend speak...Yeah!")
 i will share the images a bit later in the week. 

with that said, the show must go on!

diorama: a movable theater feast.

~ today's feature ~

Dessert Atop Dessert!
{a diorama fashion show}


a chocolate malt!

cinnamon toast!

and i saved the best for last.
have you ever visited


milk and cookies...and...cookie dough to boot!
she's brilliant! and she cooks...


for the sources of the other images above and more of
the cupcake show visit my pinterest board here.