Monday, July 30, 2012

a healthy reminder {week four}...hydrate!

i am making a conscious effort to keep hydrated!

now... down to less than 2 cups of coffee per day.

soda pop is pretty much out of my life. i have replaced  it with

San Pellegrino or Perrier on the weekends.  

.:: read about the benefits of adding just a few sliced lemons! ::.

what a difference a week makes!
the ankle swelling from an all day desk job is almost gone!

let the new week shine!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

i was just thinking...

" the blogship"

...1 universe
9 planets
204 + countries
7 seas...

...this one invisible vehicle...holds so many brilliant and beautiful hearts.

i am amazed each and every time i jump on. 

together, we keep the faith!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July's pink post and... Wednesday's wrap!

hi darlings!
it's that day again!
gosh! i can't believe it's already July 25th!

i am already seeing pops of Christmas on the blogs and
there is lot's of Christmas pinning going on. it might be time for
me to get my game on...'s a bit difficult for me to think
of December, since we just reached what the call our
Summer zone here in the PacNWest!

those of you that have visited 34th street for a while,
 are familiar with my pink posts!

i'm always looking for a pretty reminder...

when i saw these images on pinterest...
i flipped!  how beautiful is the strawberry Bavarian above?

this is probably the prettiest Summer salad i have ever seen! 
so today...i'm taking my little version to work for lunch!  

that's right! Wednesday's wrap is my pretty lunch!

i keep an on going parade of pink here!
make sure you check on the girls, after all that's the
whole point of this post!


Monday, July 23, 2012

a healthy reminder...{week three}...spices, girl!

during the first two weeks,  i focused upon adding more vegetables 
and fruits to our daily bill of fare, and  i moved a little more.

(i'm now down five!)

today' s healthy reminder is about spices!

this article pretty much sums it up. it's a good place to start!

the top 9 have become customary components of my meal planning and 
preparation. every  time  i add a top 9's another little healthy reminder!  



Saturday, July 21, 2012

French sugar with lavender...and cinnamon pigtails!

this morning,  French sugar with lavender is on the farm table.

Holland and her Mama found it at the Jardin du Soleil!

they went there with Holland's Grandma Jonna.  
she took this cute photograph of Holland trekking through the
lavender fields and posted on facebook.

{it's a perfect image of French bread sugar and family!}

.:: source ::.

have a wonderful mid~summer weekend!

it's lavender festival time in the Pacific Northwest!

(thank you for thinking of me, sweet daughter C.!)


Friday, July 20, 2012

back to Camp... {surfs up!}

i found Megan over a year ago
when i was paging through magazine RUE.
her process of design is fun to watch!

i don't know about you, but HGTV and the lot
on  "on demand" have become incredibly boring to me.

(blog land is where it's happening!)

i always keep an eye on my blog roll
for the next episode of  Meagan Camp. 

(when you can't jump in the car and drive twenty ~ five
miles ( at 4.00 per gallon) for your "Anthro" fix..)

...she'll  pop up on my side bar with new pics of her shop...

above, is an image from her blog last March featuring telesca ready for Spring.

i fell for her little vintage Hudson Valley fruit baskets and bought  a

few for our Spring chandie.

~ * ~

this morning, she posted her images of  telesca ~ Summer.

grab a board! catch a wave, and go visit!

source: Pottery Barn Kids

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday's wrap is for a winner!

look at the stars...
see how they shine for you...and everything you do...

yeah...she loves YELLOW.

{for Rebecca}


~the words in my head via Coldplay... with a little twist.
i love that song! i'll be singing it all day today!~

(Rebecca...please email your address! Congratulations!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

a healthy reminder... {week two}

week two... pile fresh fruit on top of your 
toast, oatmeal, bagel, Greek yogurt...

.:: source ::.
and salad. i drizzle raspberry vinaigrette 
or strawberry balsamic on mine. 

on the fly...Wendy's berry almond
chicken salad is yummy! 

how about  a Monday mini microderm ?

mix 3 parts baking soda
 to 2 to 3 parts part water.
(it makes a soft  paste.)
apply to your clean face.
~ make gentle little circles~
i rinse, cleanse once again and moisturize.

 this concoction is also a treat for elbows, hands and feet!

(i have a healthy glow and i'm down two and a half pounds...i'd say
week one  was a success! )   


don't's the last day for the give a way!
i'll announce the winner on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

i know...i said that i wasn't going to post until Monday but...

i popped into the blog for a second and saw Sharon Santoni's
"Happy Bastille Day !"
i had to leave a comment...because it woke up a memory!

found on Pinterest...source unknown.

One of the best memories of my teen life...Paris on Bastille Day! I was 17. It was 1969.  Three American school girls. We took the train from the Universite' at Nanterre to Paris. We bought chic dresses and watched the parade on the Champs Elysee. Although Charles De Gaulle had left office in the spring, he was in the parade. (PURE HISTORY)  I tried my first escargot on the Eiffel Tower midst the fireworks. The handsome waiter gave me the menu for a keepsake. I still have it and appreciate it's mid century flair. Happy Bastille Day to you and France, Sharon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

what's on the list for the weekend? et random...

Mr D is working all weekend.

i have made a list to tackle some UGLY
around this place!

there is plenty of stuff to do!


1.strip the beds and wash the spreads!

~ first coffee with yogurt and blueberries~

2. around the block twice with The Chocolate Gousse.

3. early, in the garden for major deadheading.

4. work out...shower and primp.

.:: source ::.
5. pick up chocolate and almond croissants and go
to Mom and Dad's for mid morning...second coffee.

6. drop off the cutting board and  rotary cutters at Chrislyn and
Jason's house.

7. pick up Mr D's oysters and shop the Farmer's Market.

~home again~

8. spray paint the metal plate wall hanging white.
( i have plans for this piece of pier 1 decor...i will share the finished
piece in a future post.)

8. go through four boxes of random stuff in the garage.
(while Jay was home last week, we turned six boxes of his
old stuff into two...and home to Idaho with him they went! SCORE!)

.:: source ::.
9. make the beds and prep for dinner outside by the fire.


1. around the block 4 times with Gousse.
~first coffee with yogurt and blueberries~
2. gut and clean the bathrooms.
(wash the shower curtains and the bath rugs.)
3. vacuum, quick mop the hardwoods and dust!
4. shower and primp...nails and toes.
5. to Nordstrom...need foundation.
(the key word here is...LIFT!)
it works.

6. to Wallyworld...need some canisters and jars. 

7. pick up some groceries...and home to cook dinner while primping the kitchen.

i won't be on the blog all weekend long.


i'll be back Monday morning with week two's healthy reminder! 
(thanks to all for your nice comments last Monday !)

i am bound and determined to turn this ship  myself around!

don't forget the give a way !

.:: HERE ::.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one for me, and one for you! yes, a give a way!

while Chrislyn and i were shopping for 
Holland's birthday, i spied this pretty issue of  Somerset Life.

of course, i wanted it. as i flipped through the pages, i said,
"i need to buy another one for my blog".  "i know that my blog friends would
love a chance to win such a pretty publication!"

if you have ever won a book from 34th street, you know that
little surprises are traditionally tucked among the pages!
who doesn't love a little surprise?

1st. chance to win :  be a  .:: friend ::. of 34th street.

2nd. chance to win:  tell me your favorite color and your
favorite flavor! i would love to know a little more about you,
since i could be sending you a present!

(if you  happen to mention this little give a way on your blog...i'll add two more chances.)

you do not have to leave separate comments. i will pull the content out of your one comment,
and visit your blogs! i don't want to make this major work!

the give a way will close Monday, July 16th, at 10 pm PDT.

i will reveal the winner at Wednesday's wrap next week.
the gift will be wrapped and ready to go. the winner's name 
will be on the gift tag!


Monday, July 9, 2012

just one pic...a healthy reminder.

no work today!  we are spending the day with Jay before he leaves
for Boise tomorrow. he'll be consumed with the Olympics and
football season. we hope that he comes up for air by Christmas.

now for the picture.
i could not find the source. if it is you...please leave a comment.
i am starting a board of healthy reminders. 
i will be doing one post a week for 20 weeks.
i know that a healthy lifestyle is a no brainer for most of you,
but... i have not been so good at it. if i write things down, i am
immediately more sincere and committed!
this little series for me, and for you as well...if you wish.

 week one...exercise outside and eat more vegetables!

if we add one more helping of vegetables a day with a walk around the works!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

the Saturday morning post... an Idaho sunrise...

a thought...

why not post as i cook breakfast this morning.

hmmm...Idaho sunrise!
Jay's home from Idaho. he's in a friend's wedding this afternoon.
 still sleeping...the rehearsal dinner was last night, and he IS on vacation, after all.

so...why not a little Idaho Sunrise surprise for when he awakes.

ooops! no big baking potatoes in the house? 

let's go...

(my weekend special board!)

so now it's time to improvise...

take the JUMBO muffin pans and make some hash brown nests!
if you can pre-bake the nests at 400 for 10 minutes...this
will make them crispy. also, this will allow the final baking process to be shorter
for an over easy egg!
add some snip, snip sauteed bacon...

(sauteed broccoli for me!)
 i recently found out that i am allergic to pork.
i know...bummer!

shredded Tillamook, (the cheese of choice in the PacNWest!)
one egg into each nest!  dust with sea salt, cracked pepper, and
a little more Tillamook...grated just a tad finer for the top.
pop the pans in the oven for  in the oven for...15 minutes at 400 degrees.
(about 12 minutes if you pre- toasted the hash browns,  and you wish to have
an over easy egg.)

i apologize about the quality of the close ups...
(point and shoot, you know!)

add some buttered Dave's Killer Bread, and we're in business!
do you see the dash of  Herbs de Provence on mine? (it's the top plate.)
what a perfect compliment for this recipe!

my favorite town in Idaho has a pretty French name... Coeur d' Alene.

with the Herbs de a
Coeur d' Alene  Sunrise!

this is a recipe that one can play with. have some fun and make it your own.

{hmmm...Coeur d' Lynne}