Sunday, September 30, 2012

a falling leaf...a perfect memoir...a real pin.

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my Mom is doing great!  i have been popping in to the 
Avalon Care Center to treat her to mini facials and
pamperings.  yesterday, i surprised her with a manicure.
i  massaged her fingers with argan oil. 
her poor nails were fraggled from her fall.

Chrislyn and Holland  have delivered Starbucks, licorice, and lots of  baby
chatter that tickles Mom's heart. they also brought Grandpa his fave
chocolate dipped orange slices.
speaking of Grandpa...

...(my Dad)...

 he has been shopping for pretty over sized
sweaters and tops that will fit over Mom's  two "casted" arms. he
has shown great style with his selections! 

i miss you so,  when i take time off from blogging. 

 thank you once again for all of your kind words and daily inspiration!


Monday, September 24, 2012

a healthy reminder {week 11} ... today... September's pink... and time off...

i started this little healthy reminder series a eleven weeks ago.

 i'm down ten pounds and have 40 to go. yes, "four oh"!

today is the last day of the series,  however, i will continue to 
pin healthy reminders {here}.

i hope the series was fun to follow.  it was an enjoyable way for
me to get my act together and share the journey!

most of you know that my Mom took a fall last week. in a day or so,
she will be released from the hospital to a  rehabilitation facility where she will
 begin physical therapy. it is our hope that she will be out of the cast on the
right wrist in six weeks. the left wrist is going to be the focus of the P.T.

i'm going to take a week off  from blogging.
Mom and Dad are going to need a little extra care and
support. i also need to catch up on chores and organizing around the house.

 i look forward to primping and mailing the Good Clean Dog give a way gifts
that have been put on hold since jury duty and the arrival of  Mr. Virus Mc Evil. 
( i sooo apologize to the winners.)  

i will catch up with all of you on October 1.

  SeptembeR PinK ... don't forget to check!
 {more pink here}


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank you.

Mom's Saturday surgery was a success.

she is on the mend! 

your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated!


~ images via Pinterest: enter mending.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

a Saturday surgery...fixing Mom with pins, plates, precision and prayer.

my mom took a fall on Thursday afternoon.
she shattered both of her wrists. she was on her way to
meet Chrislyn and Holland. they were going to select the
fabric for sweet New Boy's quilt.

mr D. and i were 5 hours away, in Whistler, BC. my dad was on
the golf course. Chrislyn, with little Holland in hand, and six and half
months pregnant, orchestrated her transportation and
care until  we all made it home.
{ thank you dear, Jason too! }

this morning my Mom is headed to surgery.
a very brilliant Dr. B. will be putting her back together.

he said that he will be using pins, screws and plates.

my mom, lives to sew, knit, 
crochet and QUILT for her loved ones.

she's in good spirits. she keeps saying, "this is only
temporary, i'll be able to do my hand work again in six weeks."

please include her in your thoughts and prayers today.


~ images via Pinterest: enter quilt. enter stitch.

Friday, September 21, 2012

planning for Spring ice cream on the first day of Fall??? it's Friday's favorite pin!!!

Tulip, Ice Cream

"A blue ribbon winner in any garden display.
 Very exotic variety that you'll enjoy for many years. 
This bulb is unique and not found readily in markets. 
Plant in a high traffic area to enjoy as often as you can each day. 
Late spring blooming."
~ bloomin' Burpee.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

yesterday started off with breakfast and a blue bird !

slept in. breakfast "on deck" in the mountains at 9am.

"my oh my, what a wonderful day...plenty of sunshine heading my way"

"Mister Bluebird on my's the's actual
everything is satisfactual."

zip-a-dee- a eh!
wonderful feeling!  wonderful day!"

Mr Blue Jay hung out with me and my Cafe' Verona on this morn'.

(dear Mother Nature, 
i broke the rules and shared a tiny piece 
of Dave's Killer Bread toast with him!)

he seemed satisfied and was not pesty!

next,  a little walk.

Summer's bright blooms...

have faded.

the first signs of Fall have arrived  up north!

but... how could this Song of the South, not have come to mind?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's wrap! the sweetest girlfriend gift tradition...

a few weeks ago, 

 this image popped up on Pinterest,

it led me to

 Dear Friend.

Rebekka is not only a sweet blogger, 
she is also a very talented and charming artist.

 i love her sincere nature.

yesterday, she wrote about a wooden gift box exchange
tradition that she shares with a girlfriend.

you can read Rebekka's post here.

at the beginning of each  month, she shares a desktop calender. 

.:: she also has an etsy shoppe ::.

thanks for all of the well wishes!
yesterday's post about uninvited Mr.
Virus McUgly drew such caring comments and
such welcome wellness wishes!

his knees are beginning to buckle. i put his
suitcase of sore throat and fever on the door step.
it's time for him to grab his last few symptoms and
get outta here!

you are such dear sweet bloggies!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hey, you! yes, you!

if you do this,

you get...

... this!

an ugly virus found me last week.

it pretty much grounded me for the weekend...and

it's keeping me away from seeing and hugging people that i love.

the good thing is...that... i am very caught up at work for the moment.

a  short retreat is on the horizon.  when i return, i will catch up with

things on the home front and some blog world stuff!

 "bear"  with me as i get my groove back!

keep well, my friends. flu season is just around the corner.

{the image of the bear is from Twig Hutchinson. she's cozy amazing.}


Monday, September 17, 2012

a healthy reminder...{week ten}...dishing my favorite flavonoids...

last Monday, i started talking about flavinoids.
i wrote about the beginning of  a new tradition of
  afternoon tea (black or green) with a bite sized dark chocolate.  

today, i'm dishing about... favorite cell fix list.
(yes...more about flavonoids)
if you are regularly consuming 
anything on this are working your cell restoration too! 
{images-source unknown}

image by the fabulous Vicki Archer, here.
(i giggle just a little because the title of her post is
"apples not for the eating"...LOL 
they wouldn't last long here on 34th street!)

OM {Sheer}Goodness! this image is by Aran Goyoaga.
she is the brilliant heart, soul and author of my
favorite food escape blog. Cannelle et Vanille.
check out her sweet apricot (flavonoid) short bread  
here. (yes, your flavonoid can be a goodie!)

 i have pre-ordered her book! 

i can't wait until October!

{getty images}

"red wine is mighty flavonoid fine!"

C is critcal for the cells!

i am so grateful that my favorite vegetable is a mega antioxidant!

i am going to miss our locally grown peppers. they were one
of the stars at our farmers' market this year!

every one of these simple foods is an anti inflammatory...and...
... are living to rebuild our human cells.


~ weighing in... down 9.~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

blog love at first sight...

yesterday, was a day of reflection for most of us.
i was seeking a simple, peaceful image to display on 
my page of the day.

i paused at this pretty place.

 i took a journey back in her timeline.

her images eased my mind.

 "simple pretty" and real.




brush up on your Finnish and visit lovely
Villa Heron here

r a k k a u d e L l a.

Monday, September 10, 2012

a healthy reminder { week nine } ... time for a new ritual.

an afternoon cup of tea flavonoids
 will be good for me!

(i've been reading about flavonoids*...
...flavonoid antioxidants keep cells healthy.)

i'll sip it black or green, fancy or traditional, plain and simple,
or with a touch of honey.


...on three days a week...

... i'll take little bite of dark chocolate
 at tea time.

the dark chocolate on sale in the grocery store was this week
was Moonstruck,  which is made in Portland, Oregon.
i bought a plain dark bar, and one that holds Chile Variado.
i am totally intrigued with what the chocolatier's are adding to
chocolate lately. the two bars will last two months, if it's not shared.

the new ritual begins today.

{next Monday,  focusing on flavonoids and weighing in.}


three flavonoid references:


*dark chocolate:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Emily's bliss, and an Autumn kiss! { Friday's favorite pin! }

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"every leaf speaks BLISS to me,
fluttering from an AUTUMN tree."
                        ~Emily Bronte  

at 5 pm last evening, i was officially released from my two week jury duty.
it's a tough world out there. we are blessed to have our safe little home
and a world of  love and emotional support around us. 
may God bless everyone that works in our criminal justice system. 
...prayers for the victims of crime and for those... who hopefully, one day,
will stop making poor choices. 

 i will be catching up with my blog visiting and responses to those of you
that have been so kind to visit and leave a comment!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn notes... i'm feeling my fashion transition...

the late Summer sunflowers

are so beautiful with

cool greens, deep blues, and black.

soon i will be adding...

...a  perfect measure of warm pumpkin spice.