Monday, September 24, 2012

a healthy reminder {week 11} ... today... September's pink... and time off...

i started this little healthy reminder series a eleven weeks ago.

 i'm down ten pounds and have 40 to go. yes, "four oh"!

today is the last day of the series,  however, i will continue to 
pin healthy reminders {here}.

i hope the series was fun to follow.  it was an enjoyable way for
me to get my act together and share the journey!

most of you know that my Mom took a fall last week. in a day or so,
she will be released from the hospital to a  rehabilitation facility where she will
 begin physical therapy. it is our hope that she will be out of the cast on the
right wrist in six weeks. the left wrist is going to be the focus of the P.T.

i'm going to take a week off  from blogging.
Mom and Dad are going to need a little extra care and
support. i also need to catch up on chores and organizing around the house.

 i look forward to primping and mailing the Good Clean Dog give a way gifts
that have been put on hold since jury duty and the arrival of  Mr. Virus Mc Evil. 
( i sooo apologize to the winners.)  

i will catch up with all of you on October 1.

  SeptembeR PinK ... don't forget to check!
 {more pink here}


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thank you.

Mom's Saturday surgery was a success.

she is on the mend! 

your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated!


~ images via Pinterest: enter mending.