Saturday, November 24, 2012

the Saturday morning post...

good Saturday morning, dear friends.
the past two days have held joy and bittersweet
for me and my family.  

we spent Thanksgiving at Chrislyn, Jason and Holland's
home. our hearts were filled with joy and our tummies 
with yummies. Chrislyn cooked the turkey with all
the trimmings, and the beautiful desserts.  i made all of the "sides",
Mr D and i transported them layered in a big wicker baskets
wrapped in vintage tablecloths from Grandpa Bozzello's Italian
Village restaurant.  we danced and sang with Holland.

grand parenting is heaven on earth!

{it was also my father's 83rd birthday. he is well. thank you, God.}

Mom, however, became very ill on Thanksgiving morning.
Dad took her to the emergency room.
she had a brain bleed. they transported her to a
bigger hospital in the city. she is now in a neuroscience
intensive care unit at Saint Joseph's. 

she is conscious.  the pain is worse than a migraine.
i think it even hurts to talk!

Mom has had a very tough two and one half months, starting with
her fall in September. i have held onto all of your prayers, friendship
and encouragement.  she's going to win this battle, as she is 
surrounded by brilliance, love and prayers!

 during the trying two days we have been blessed with joy...
our beloved Washington State Cougars won the Apple Cup, yesterday.
( we were HUGE underdogs) 

those of you that follow me, know that my son is a sportscaster in Boise.
he loves to spend Thanksgiving Day out covering family and friend 
turkey bowl games. this year he reported a sweet surprise!

visit here!

Jay always makes me smile! ( i'm not quite sure if he was
on team Turduckin or team Cornucopia )

life is is joy!  

thanks for listening...


Friday, November 23, 2012

let's see...

going outside to into cold and calculating 
black Friday...

.: or :.

making a cup of hot chocolate, heaping with
mini marshmallows and...

visiting here!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

when a gracious fashionista invites you to her holiday home...

a few weeks ago, i received a very special invitation via facebook.

" please hurry down the chimney tonight!"
"Lynne, on  November 17th, i am having a gathering of girlfriends over for an
 ornament exchange. bring an ornament that everyone will fight over.
bring an appetizer, and what you would like to drink...

...dress to impress. NO JEANS!"

Arlene and Doyle's family room.
"some of your friends from junior high and high school will be coming."

we shared hugs and history.

we held hands and told stories about days over forty years ago.

it was a gathering of girl friendships both vintage and new.

my dear and gracious friend Arlene said, YES to my request

to share a few images of her holiday home with you!

her formal living room is both elegant and playful,
with it's mid century "Golightly" expression and a tree filled with Annalee.

posture perfect seating on tufted lime ultra suede and red silk.

" i'll have a Cosmopolitan please."

 are you singing "Santa Baby" yet?

fire and ice!

a vanity fair.

can you find a piece of history to hold in this treasure chest?

are you feeling "Vogue"?

where are your pearls?

at this breakfast bar, Chanel is cooking light in the kitchen!