Friday, December 21, 2012

French bread on Friday! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

this year, our Christmas card features...

...The Chocolate Gousse!

Gousse is pronounced Goose. she is Mr D's hunting dog.
(shhh...she is also my morning coffee and blogging snuggle pup...shhh) 

when we purchased her seven years ago, he wanted to
name her "Goose" because she would be his wingman wingpup.
(Goose is a loved character in a well known movie about 
US Navy fliers.)

he allowed me to add a little culinary French romance to her name
by calling her the The Chocolate Mousse Gousse on her official papers!

...and for the record...she could be called  The Chocolate Moose Mousse,
 because she is a tall Labrador Retriever that weighs over 100 lbs!

i caught the image of her snoozing before i left for work one morning
last winter. as you can see, she makes herself very
comfortable in her favorite spot here on 34th Street!
 yes, she sleeps on her own Matelasse'!

this is could be my last post before Christmas! 
like me, i know most of you will be busy with the last minute details.
it's time for hugging and smooching and baking and prepping for the precious days ahead!

yesterday,  a parcel arrived  from Mantova, Italy!  it was wrapped with such charm!

it's the last piece of  French labeled laundry to be placed on the tree!

:: found here ::

the best of the season's blessings to you and all of your sweet "loves"!

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

something old, something new, a little French laundry tutorial for you!

 our Christmas tree holds some family history.

a handmade bridal shower gift from Mr. D's Mom.
there are ornaments that have been placed onto
our tree for 39 years.

i made six little elephants for our first tree using scraps
of  felt and yarn . 

handmade by my mother to celebrate our first born.

handmade by our daughter to celebrate their first born.

the kids would add their own touch to the tree each year.
 grade "A" papers tied with ribbons, signed baseballs and
and favorite beanie babies were among the contributions
when they were in grade school.

Go Cougs!

each year, i enhance the history with a fresh touch.

it could be as simple a color statement of bows, or collecting
all of the brown Teddy Bears around the house.  one year,
there was a sport's tribute,  ( i added roses and footballs when the 
Cougars played at the Rose Bowl in 2003.)

 last year... it was burlap!

this year, as i hinted in an earlier post,
 our Christmas tree holds a touch of  French laundry.

 Marseilles ~ Matelasse'

about two years ago, i was perusing an end of the month
clearance table at Fred Meyer and found this lovely piece
of Matelasse'.  (i payed 4.99 for the piece.) it was a bit soiled
and shop worn...nothing a little OxyClean couldn't handle

i didn't feel too bad when taking the shears to it!

the small hoops were a dollar and twenty nine.

the little bit larger hoops were a dollar and forty nine.

it was fun, playing with the various patterns.

i love how they turned out!

the linear designs called for some vintage French laundry labels.

i found Mr D and my initials at French Larkspur.
you can also find vintage labels here.

(the letters could translate to Christmas Love. )

 i attached the single labels with French knots.

the simple and sweet French stitched hoops

were tied onto the branches with natural tiny twine.

a perfect addition of white light!

s i x    m o r e    s l e e p s!


Monday, December 17, 2012

life, light, and a place here on 34th Street...

they ask us to wear green and white today.

{Sandy Hook Elementary School Colors}

they ask us not to forget them.

green for eternal life!   white for eternal light!