Monday, December 30, 2013

holiday wedding !

hello Monday!

before i head off to work, i thought that i would

share a little photo collage from the wedding

we attended on Friday night.

Chrislyn posted the images on facebook. i took them to PicMonkey.

Mr D and i, along with our friends Alice, Steve, Bill and Doreen

were in charge of blowing out the 200 plus 

votive candles in the various mason jars, and packing them

for storage in the church kitchen. we also volunteered to

transport the gifts to the reception.

while we were carrying out our duties, the kid's took a few 

photos by the Christmas trees. 

if one ever wished to save money on wedding decor, a Christmas wedding

would be a good choice.  the church and the country club looked amazing!

this morning, i feel ever so fortunate to have the sweetest images of my

beautiful family for keeping and sharing.


Friday, December 27, 2013

just a little bit about Christmas and when decor chic turns science chic!

hellooooo darlings!

how are you doing?

Christmas Day flew by so quickly!

i crashed at 11:30.  with work the morning after,

 i am just now am able to pop in and share some bits and pieces of 


Mr D's family arrived early and planted their lovely gifts 

beneath the tree!

Cougar Crest 2010 Dedication Seven was Mr D's wine selection for the adult nieces and nephews,
and i made my traditional money book-cards for those under 21.   

our gifts were flourished with sprigs of backyard cedar and a big smooch

from The Chocolate Gousse!

we were blessed all day!

Jay's flight was slightly delayed, so biscuits and gravy

turned into brunch at 11.

Mr D was front and center in the kitchen and at "the Weber" this year.

at 2 he served his famous grilled duck and goose poppers, while i offered

home or working in Hawaii...for Jay, and all of us, there was "no choice"!

an assortment of soft French cheeses and French bread.

his killer prime rib slowly roasted for 4 1/2 hours.

the house smelled divine!

the party hit the high note when Jason, Chrislyn and the 

grands arrived after nap time!

i am going to say it again.

B L E S S E D !

with all the toys and stimulus abound, Holland spied my

new magnifying glass.

i found this pretty much needed accessory for my aging eyes,

(that - can - also - be - a - chic - accent - piece),

 at Heather's shop, Stylemindchic).

once she discovered the purpose of a magnifying glass,  and it's magic,

she took it over to the pile of her newly unwrapped books!

Grandpa D could not resist capturing this image!


oh gosh!

this morning's time with you has also flown!

got to get to the office!

there is another full day ahead. we are going to a wedding tonight!

there will be 500 people in attendance!

Holland was invited to be the flower girl...her third wedding this year!

with everyone home for the holidays, it is also going to be

one big fabulous family reunion!

have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the kindergarten angels!

Chrislyn and Jay's kindergarten angels have topped our 

tree for 26 and 25 years.  every year, when i place them on 

the tree, i  am reminded of children singing...

"Angels We Have Heard On High"!

last night, when i added the Tour Eiffel,  i heard the children

singing my favorite French Christmas Carol! i learned the words

in my high school French class. it's beautiful, and so is 

the top of our tree!

Il est ne, le divin Enfant,
Jouez, hautbois, resonnez, musettes;
Il est ne, le divin Enfant;
Chantons tous son avenement!

Jeannie,  la Tour Eiffel and the pretty curled sparkly burlap

flourish made it to the top!  thank you for your lovely

and ohhhh so thoughtful gifts!

 it's Christmas!

hear the angels sing!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noel!


Monday, December 23, 2013

our town...where all elves come home for Christmas and stay 'til they are dispatched to your homes for more "elfishness", next year...and...a change in Jay's game plan!


 that was my longest post title to date!



"where are you headed, Buddy?"

let's go via 34th street!

our very first Christmas ornament. given to me, by Mr D's mom
at one of my bridal showers over 40 years ago.

Jay called after the news last Monday night.

"Mom,  Ryan will cover the Hawaii Bowl.

i'll be home for Christmas breakfast!"


on Tuesday morning, at my desk...

   you can count on me!

our tree holds our history...
the little elephants are from our very first Christmas tree, forty years ago. 

i made them from scraps in a craft box that i packed from Seattle to Fort Campbell, 
Kentucky, where Mr D was stationed after the Viet Nam war.  he was drafted. the war ended
 while he was in basic training. i still thank God  for sparing him a trip to Nam. Mr D's 
Christmas gift to me was a real Douglas Fir tree.  mine to him was the little handmade
 elephants. we made hand poured candles in jelly jars for our families, and mailed them home.   

the coffee will brewing...

the cider will be warming...

the cinnamon rolls will go in...

recipe here!

...and the last loaf of biscotti will be sliced and oven toasted.

(our special blend of Christmas morning potpourri that
 signals the arrival of Santa.)

(when the kids were home, we had the rolls and 
biscotti with coffee and hot chocolate while 
opening the presents!)

after the gifts, the biscuits would go in, 

while the sausage gravy was, as Mr D always says,

"made with love".

this year, there will be little change of tradition.

Jay's flight is scheduled to arrive at Sea-Tac at 9:20 am. 

while Mr D is picking him up at the airport,

i'll prepare the B & G to be ready at 10!

(...hoping his flight is on time.)

we will have an open house from 2 'til 5pm, when Mom,

 Dad, Chrislyn, Jason and the "Grands" arrive for  

gifts and dinner after dark! 


at dark, Buddy and the elves will be home 

in their cubbiessafe and warm,

not too far from our little place here on 34th street!

...and you thought they all lived with 

Mr and Mrs C at the North Pole!

two more sleeps!!!



Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

last night, and this morning...from the farm table...

with time on the fly 'til that beautiful day,

i have been oh - so - brief with my blog comments.

last night...i took the number "20" down from the chandy.
 i was so tired,  i forgot to plug my phone in.  it's the best kind of tired isn't it?

i have visited, and have been immersed in

your beautiful holiday spirit.

the decor has been over the top gorgeous!

on the farm table this morning...ready to take down "21".

beyond the flourished halls and hearths, it's the 

full hearts behind the decor that i cherish the most. 

your happiest moments!

your traditions!

your heartfelt reflections.

i re-potted my Thanksgiving Poinsettia from Dad.  i didn't iron the table runner.
 i left it just as i unwrapped it.  perfect France.

(our crazy little virtual community of love and well being!)

i have grown to adore my moments spent with

you.  we can visit at two a.m., and i don't

even have to wake you up!  your words are

there! ready to inspire, ready to care.

always there...


Friday, December 20, 2013

just poppin' in to give you all "a five days to go fist bump"!

hellooooo out there!

i was up and ready to roll at three am this morning.

i set the alarm for a little biscotti baking before work.

B U S T E D !

look who's on the new sofa!

good morning Chocolate Gousse!

(it's a good thing that i threw some quilts on it, 

before Mr D and i headed to bed last night!)

Jay asked me to send him some pictures when the furniture

arrived a couple days ago.

 i made a little picMonkey collage.

yes...the tags are still on!

someone lost her winning smile at first...

...i hear tell of a holler or two...

Ben liked him from the start. 

minutes later, happiness took over and it was hard to say goodbye!

Mr D made the first tracks this morn'! 

high five!

fist bump!

thank you for all of your inspiration and encouraging words!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

merry birthday to you!




merry birthday to you!

on Sunday, i hung the beautiful Paris inspired banner that you 

sent home with Mr D as an early birthday surprise for me!

it shimmers like the city of lights that it portrays.

thank you!

i love it!

 this is going to be the best year of  laughter, hugs 

and tears through joy with you, yet, my friend!

our son's will once again  embrace new rolls in their lives.

...from short stop and centerfield, to college roommates,

 to the world's mountain tops and television sports...

... soon to be reunited once again as groom, and 

best man for his best friend!  


oh...and one more thing!

thank you for introducing Chrislyn to the love of her life!  

today wouldn't be today without you!

(does that sound a bit George Baileyesque?)

you are darn right it does!

(we wouldn't have Holland and Ben!) wonder you are a December babe!

i am blessed...

we are blessed...

to the best friendships of life!


Monday, December 16, 2013

just checking in to see how everyone is doing!

hellooooo lovelies!

i finally found some intermittent moments to catch up

with all of you. you are all looking beautiful! 

i love the traditions, and the new. i have become quite attached

to your homes and their various architectural features,

so many amazing fireplaces, front porches, entries, 

staircases,  doors and windows. 

 your beautifully decorated with love.

...and oh those goodies! YUM!


thank you for all of your lovely comments about little Holland.

we are pretty much decorated and where we should be at this time.

we visited the Christmas tree farm on Saturday.

the tree is waiting in the wings, as the furniture will

be delivered tomorrow morning.  

this morning i made some pine cone topiaries, using 

my favorite small vintage flowerpots,(found in New York's 

Hudson Valley), from stylist and

 photographer Megan Camp, and some Noel ribbon that i purchased

from Cat at Sunday Brocantes.  

 the nice thing about the topiaries is that once

Christmas has passed, the ribbon will slip off

and they can stay up through the winter.

(i have some cute ribbon with X's and O's for Valentine's Day.)

above our kitchen sink this morning stand three new nutcrackers.

(tiny souvenirs from Friday's performance.)

they look sweet with our Swedish electric candlestick.

Chrislyn called me on Saturday and said, " Mom, you blogged 

about The Nutcracker before i could send a picture of you..."

over the weekend she forwarded a picture of all of us in

front of the "star", himself.  

i took it to PicMonkey for a little fun!


i wish you all good health as you prepare for next week.

'tis a season of many emotions.

 memories may bring some tears.

when the tears appear, seek the Joy!

Joy through tears is my favorite emotion!


Friday, December 13, 2013

at her very first Nutcracker...she was invited back stage!

she was whirling and twirling!

"Holland, can you say Tchaikovsky?"

"Tchaikovsky, Grandma!"

she was a vision in pink and gold brocade, with the perfect

"Swan Lake" ruffled bag!  inside was a little "cash" from 

Grandpa and a small snack ("en case").

( Holland calls money, cash.  it kills me!)

my girls. 

 my precious girls!

Holland caught the attention of a member of the ballet company.

fifteen minutes before curtain time we were on a quick  private tour

back stage.  The Pacific Northwest Nutcracker set was designed 

by Maurice Sendak.  

remember the children's book Where the Wild Things Are?

his set is nothing short of wild! 

...maybe a little scary at times.

Holland loved it...

...even at the loudest moments when the Mouse King fell!

here is a free printable link to The Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker

FUN PACK.   i am dying to make

Frau Stahlbaum’s Ginger Cookies!


French bread on Friday...Tableau!

hello Friday!

i'll be dressing for The Nutcracker soon.

Mr D is watching Ben.

it's 7:00 am. Chrislyn just called to tell me

that she has already been to the store this morning

and has picked up all of  her Dad's and Ben's favorite foods.

 she was making their lunches and snacks.

she's amazing.


now on to French bread!

today i am going in a whole different direction.

how about Paris? 

via facebook?

i must say that i love facebook because it is a vehicle 

for me to watch the kids from our neighborhood living

their dreams.  every day i am "privy" to a new dream or goal achieved.

Visual Analytics For Everyone.

tableau vivant
faire un tableau

when the image below popped up on facebook last week, i knew 

it was meant to shared on a French bread Friday!

smart girls women marketing software in Paris.

(they are touring the site of a new hotel.)

hotels and banks are huge customers for Tableau.

the "lovely" on the right is one of Chrislyn's childhood friends.

she was also one of the best defenders on our soccer team.  

(i don't know if i ever told you that i coached girls soccer

when the kids were in grade school and middle school.)

when i gave Alaina an assignment, it was always carried it

 out to her ultimate potential.  

Alaina was a bridesmaid in Chrislyn and Jason's wedding.

she was present to help with the decorating details and for

moral support, (five weeks before the wedding i was diagnosed with

 breast cancer and had the first surgery the week before the wedding.)

i just have to stop here and say this...

my daughter and Alaina are strong and amazing women.

they both go the extra mile...always.  

they are passionate about their rolls in life and in the workplace.

when i saw this image on facebook, immediately thought...

"OMGoodness, there is Alaina donning a hard hat in Paris...

...I LOVE IT!"

minus hard hat and glasses, she is the epitome of fashion. 

a toast!

an embrace!

à brillant, beau, et analytique femme, façonné par Dieu et ...


Thursday, December 12, 2013

this post started as "just one pic"...and ended up with three!

the carpet is in!

it's time to deck the halls!

i can't believe i am doing this!

no makeup! my work clothes!

real as real!

Alice said, "Lynne, i have to take a picture before i go!"

...and you know it landed on facebook!

( MarCellaaaaa! you requested a Mimosa.)

 that's exactly what my 

sweet friend  Alice delivered, along with a tin of her 

coveted Chex mix. 

as you can see, everything needed to be put back in it's 

place. Mr. D helped with the heavy stuff when he returned

from work.  the holiday transition has begun.


 i am telling's like walking on clouds around here!

i am off to the shower, and back to work. 

 ...for tomorrow, there is another day off.  

Chrislyn is treating both grandmothers to 

Holland's first Nutcracker.

 Miss H will be wearing pink and gold brocade.

...and nail polish!

(two years and five months is such a wonderful age.)

the image above was taken Tuesday night, at her little 

"get dressed" rehearsal.

(she has asked to try her dress on several times.)

she sat very still while Momma painted the pink coat, 

and the sparkle coat.  she followed instructions,

holding her fingers to dry for almost 30 minutes.

 she will likely need a touch up or a redo before Friday!

our seats are orchestra level.  

i can't wait to see her eyes when the overture begins and

the curtain goes UP!

perfect shower music!   la  la  la  la...  la la la la la la la!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

just a little random 34...our table is full, our life is good!

hellooo darling, darlings!

in blogland, i am loving the mix of everything decked and beautiful,

and...those that have perhaps bitten off a little more than

they can chew, ( like me ).  

embrace it or tackle it!

 it's all OK!

Ben's "rookie of the year" first birthday party...

 the past few days our family has been on the fast track! 

Chrislyn cooked all day Friday, and Saturday. 

Ben's party was wonderful. everyone left well fed and loved!

Sunday, brought a lovely wedding shower and dinner for the 

daughter of some good friends. 

(...and sadly a loss to the 49 'ers.)


 on Sunday night, i said...

i need to get to the office to rest.  this does NOT mean that

i am lazy at work. at the present, work is the only place in my 

life that is in good order. the rest is what i call

organized chaos. 

Jay flew in and out of Seattle to cover Boise State's Coach 

Pete, accepting his new roll as head coach at the University of 

Washington. our schedules totally conflicted. since Mr D works

at the U-Dub, he popped outside for quick a curbside visit, as 

Jay was travelling to and from the stadium. 

 this will be our first Christmas Day without Jay.

it's both bitter and sweet.

 he will be headed across "the Pacific"... cover Boise State at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. 

i think those of us that have been deep freezing it

 here in "the other 49" would love to be there for Christmas.  

Mele Kalikimaka, Jay!

(sing it with!)

this the dark...the farm table at the 

heart of our home is piled high!

the new carpet arrives tomorrow at 8 am.

my girlfriend Alice is bringing champagne!

ahhhh sipping sweet morning Champagne, with Alice!

too cool!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

just a wee bit of Christmas, and...he's the "one"!

i am going to be honest.

life is beyond crazy here on 34th street!

yesterday, i had a minor routine medical procedure.

no worries needed!

there are only a few hints of  holiday cheer

residing here... being the Poinsettia that my father traditionally

gifts to me on Thanksgiving Day!

thank you, Dad! 

i love you!

the new carpet will be installed on Wednesday.

the new furniture will be delivered the following 

Wednesday.  with all of the chaos, the Christmas boxes

will remain under the house until the carpet is installed.  

i made a new Advent calendar this year.

it was not intended for the chandie, but that's where it landed.

it was the only safe place, since i was informed 

that EVERYTHING  is to be moved out of the

living room.   the pictures, the wall clock and plates on the walls

 in the living room and dining room are stored safely up in the 


they tell me that the walls are going to vibrate!

(i have to break a promise to a blog friend today.

i was going to shoot an image of a metal plate display that 

i sprayed white in the Summer of 2012.

when Mr D was off with the broken truck, he started packing

things away.

i will shoot it and post it in the first daylight after the 

carpet is installed.)  

the chandie was the perfect choice with the circumstances 

Christmas  2013.   

the farm table needed a quick fix after last Sunday's

Thanksgiving dinner.  i grabbed some of my favorite

French linen and ribbon and made this simple statement. 

the five - minute - fix is kind of growing on me, especially as the 

days of Advent gather to flourish!  






we are celebrating Ben's first birthday today!

he is the happiest baby boy that i have ever met!

 i call him Mr Smiles!


December 7, 1941.

before i go, i wish to link you to one of my dear blog friends, Noelle.

her post on this day says it all.