Saturday, January 12, 2013

a healthy reminder!

this adorable image, found on Pinterest, lead me to
creature comforts 

the flu is on!

it's time for me to make sure that we  have our own 
sunshine stash and...maybe...
... a couple of "these" put together for friends and family!

check the medicine cabinet...your not going to want to go outside

if Mr Evil McVirus arrives at your house.


~ more healthy reminders :: here ::


  1. Thanks~ Ok, is this a new blog look or have I just been so in the fog that this is the first time I noticed??? Anyways, love it!!!! I need to give my blog a change too, just not sure exactly how to do that! Did you do this right off Google or did you have someone do it for you!!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo~ Cheryl

  2. Dearest Lynne! Thank you so very much for coming to visit today! And the flu has been vicious in our neck of the woods, taking many lives. It has been really bad. Please take care of yourself! Anita

  3. I've had my flu shot and I take raw honey and cinnamon twice a day. Don't want it :)

  4. Good advice! So far we have been free of all the dreaded winter illnesses - other than LD's allergy induced asthma. And THAT cough of his SOUNDS like he is LOADED with every germ around. So he is keeping a low profile!

  5. This would be such a cute and thoughtful gift. I have been reading about the flu reaching epidemic proportions everywhere. I get my shot every fall and the pneumonia shot every five years. I can't take chances because I have the dreaded asthma. My daughter had a bad cold over Christmas and loaded up on all sorts of cold products until she found what she liked, so my medicine chest is quite well stocked!! Now, I'm wondering if we are prepared for the severe snowstorm that is supposed to hit tonight!! ;-D


  6. Had our Flu shots , washing our hands a lot etc etc... don't want that bug... Happy weekend Lynne... Ciao , Mary

  7. What a sweet idea. That flu bug is really miserable- xo Diana

  8. That is a sweet little get well kit. I try to have all kinds of flu/cold things around for the winter. Cough drops, deconjestants, Tylonals. Teas and soups are good also. I am not wanting any visits from germs. Stay safe and be safe. xoxo,Susie