Friday, January 18, 2013

French bread on Friday! the scissors!

hello weekend!

at Wednesday's wrap, i had a few inquiries about the Eiffel Tower scissors!
the first pair that i bought, over a year ago, were shipped all the
way from Hong Kong.

 they are currently available... (at a more reasonable price)... ::here::!

i am SOOOOO glad that the weekend is here!

week one in the new work environment is almost behind me.

 my brain is packed to the max! 

the managers and trainers have been positive, pleasant and so helpful.

my work start time is now an hour earlier. the new morning routine only

allows for blog visiting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  if i haven't been

by to visit,  i will be popping in with my coffee on Saturday or Sunday!



  1. Oh now aren't THOSE FANTASTIC! Magnifique ma chère! Anita

  2. Good luck on the new job. I remember getting tummyaches when I would be in a new area. Love those scissors. I know my g.daughter Emma would want them .Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. I love those scissors...the way we lose scissors around here I'd be afraid to get a pair!

    I didn't know you started a new job. I hope you are very happy in it and wish you all the best. Happy Weekend!


  4. So happy week one has gone well. You will enjoy this weekend even more.
    We are having a weekend off ourselves. After 10 days in Quadville, help arrived in the offer from 3 of A&M's friends to help out. LD and I will enjoy just BEING in our camper! I am going back to read the posts I missed about your job. Happy WEEK END!!!

  5. I'm behind on visiting you. You started a new job???? How blessed they are to have sweet you working for them. Take some time to relax and get rested!! Love to you, neighbor. :)

  6. Well of course I had to have a pair. Then the shop I selected was SO cute that $30 I have a pair of scissors plus! Big trouble. :)