Friday, January 25, 2013

French bread on Friday...tiny French frocks!

blou·son  (blousn, blzn)

A garment, such as a dress or shirt, with a fitted waistband over which material blouses.

[French, diminutive of blouseblouse; see blouse.]

you had me at...diminutive French!

last Saturday, Mr D and i took a little excursion to the
mall with Chrislyn, Holland and Ben. we had some 
post Christmas exchanges to take care of.  after completing
the exchanges, we decided to pop into Old Navy to take a
peek at their play clothes!  oh so glad that we did!  

" a French bicyclette blouson in coconut milk"

we found the perfect attire for well baby check ups, play dates, grocery
shopping, visiting Emerald City Smoothie and the occasional
fave " i'll have tall vanilla steamed milk," at Starbucks.
(it's in our blood here in the home of the green mermaid...
most mornings i drank a "grande decaf non fat with one pump of 
vanilla, latte' " at my desk at Frederick and Nelson, when expecting 
Chrislyn 30 years you see, we're now on generation three!) 

ooops... enough latte'...back to baby blouson...

" a French Bulldog blouson in heather grey."

who can resist a smile from a 19 month old in a blouson
with a French Bulldog donning heart-shaped goggles on Valentine's Day?

(not this grand' mere!)

Holland's Valentine's Day tee is so French snuggle puppy chic!

now, the price!

  $9.94 ... less 40%.!  i bought both! such a deal!

for more diminutive "bon marche"...visit here.

something keeps telling me that i need to go back and get the

double breasted blazer in...

...goodnight Nora, blue!  

...with white leggings, ballet flats and a red balloon! we're talking tiny French frocks!

 i'm still a little overwhelmed with the changes at work, i have been crashing
 after dinner. i'll be catching up with my visits and comments on the weekend.

 lot's of you have been under the weather.

 please get well!  

as always, i keep you in my thoughts and prayers...



  1. Old Navy is a fantastic place for bargain clothes, for young and old (!). Very cute things for the baby and I love the blazer. Go for it!


  2. Ooooo adorable, adorable! I hope that you will like my new illustrations with the same French twist my dear. See you soon this weekend, I hope? Anita

  3. LOVE the blazer. What cute shirts, too. I hope work smooths out for you soon, Lynne. xo Diana

  4. Love that little double breasted jacket, and certainly a bouquet of red balloons are a must for every little French child.
    I loved this post, and it's sweet Frenchness !

    Thank you Lynn for taking the time to stop by my place and more leaving a comment that joys my heart.
    See you soon, perhaps for more French inspired holiday.
    Blessings to you and yours


  5. Oh, what sweet treasures! So very "Madeline"! That little coat is adorable, add some Mary Jane's and knee socks and maybe a jaunty red tam! Perfection!
    Great finds.

  6. Um, why doesn't any of this come in MY size?