Monday, January 14, 2013

quick 34th street comfort food!

good Monday morning!

today's the day!

we meet the new guys at work!

it's the perfect morning to saute' 

some short ribs and toss them in the crock pot!

( mmmmmm...sizzling away in butter and olive oil...seasoned
with a little sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.)

there is always butter in comfort food!

now tucked nicely in my VINTAGE crock pot!

the coarsely chopped onions are next to sizzle.

(the kitchen smells amazing at 6 am!)

i actually threw in some mushrooms that needed to 

be cooked or eaten before i piled the onions on top!

 i added a little more sea salt and cracked pepper,

a clove of garlic... and 2 bay leaves

from our back yard!

finally...1 cup of stock, and one cup of
burgundy wine!

(i could just eat mushrooms cooked in Burgundy and butter)

tonight this yumminess will greet us as we walk in

the front door. i'll mash some Yukon Golds and make salad!

pretty simple stuff.

i feel like i am two steps ahead as i head to the shower!

have a great week!

i'm wrapping a gift for Donna on Wednesday!



  1. Ooh it looks like it smells (and will taste) delicious!!!

  2. Miam Miam! C'est bon and I can smell it all the way from here! Let's sit down to eat my dear Lynne! Anita

  3. ohhhh...Looks GOOD to me. Lynne! I can almost smell it from here-and if you need a little coffee cake for breakfast I have an easy one posted today! xo Diana

  4. Lynne, This recipe looks fantastic! I can almost taste it here in California! Bon Appetit!


  5. I can almost smell the garlic from here in the chilly UK! We need all the warming, comfort food we can get.
    PS I loved the get well kit in the last post - cute idea!

  6. Hope you had a great day. Nothing better than coming home to the smell of dinner waiting in the crock pot.

  7. I spy a cookbook I own and love. Is this recipe in there? I have to check. :)