Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! it's back!

when i first started my blog, i used to wrap a gift, 
or feature a prettily wrapped gift every Wednesday.

 i decided that i would bring the feature back for 2013!

like many of you, i LOVE to wrap a gift.
it's one of my obsessions.
(my kids joke about it to this day!)

both Chrislyn and Jay know how to wrap a gift
with special detail. when the recipient makes a favorable
comment they laugh and say...

"We went to Mom's gift wrap boot camp!"

now,  i'm not claiming perfection...

the wrap... just needs to possess a special touch!

when the children were small,
one of my favorite activities was to wrap all of the
Christmas gifts in white or brown plain paper. 

{i love an empty canvas}

the kids then painted, glittered, or embellished the gifts to
 correspond to our chosen Christmas theme. 
it was so much fun to see each creative interpretation!
 sometimes, it was very difficult to unwrap their
precious works of art!

in my previous post, i mentioned that i have some
catching up to do in blog land.

i have some goodies that must go to some very
patient blog friends. they are from a give a way, a while back!

the good news is that i have added additional surprises!

i will be wrapping a gift and preparing a parcel
every Wednesday until all the goodies are mailed
to their appropriate recipient!  

preparing one gift each week will allow me to give 
proper attention to detail.

{each gift will hold a little French bread}

so here we go!

today,  i am wrapping for:

Kim, and her adorable Bailey!

i know...beyond cuteness!
doesn't that sweet face melt your heart?

 most of you love and visit Kim here!

for Kim and Bailey:



  1. Look at all those beautiful details. Maybe I need to visit your wrapping boot camp. I could use the practice ;-) Wrapping is not my strong point.

  2. I love wrapping gifts with special embellishments too. Yours look beautiful.
    Fun when the kids grow to appreciate the things we've taught them over the years ( my daughter made a comment at Christmastime about liking the way I wrap... made me happy)... Have a great day... Mary

  3. I used to love to make packages special. Don't know why I got away from that concept. I think when I would be wrapping so many gifts at Christmas, it got to be a chore. But I feel it make the gift extra special, no matter what it is. I love how you do your gifts. xoxo,Susie

  4. I had to smile when I read your post. I just finished wrapping some gifts going out to blogging friends. I too love wrapping and making each gift even more special.
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  5. What a sweet tradition you had with your kids! I am not a good wrapper at all but I try to disguise it under lots of bows and ribbons! lol! Please do a post on how to make a proper bow...I really struggle with that.


  6. What a pretty post and I think that will be fun to see every Wednesday-Lucky Kim and Bailey!!!! xo Diana

  7. Hello Lynne, what beautiful packages you make. It may be simple but you have passed something special on to your children too. It is so lovely when you know someone has taken time to present you with something made with love. I will never forget how my package looked when I received it from you, so French, so chique, so you.
    I think perhaps your readers might like to know in a little more detail, how you do it.
    Big hugs and love to you, Linda x

  8. OH SWEET AS CAN BE!!!!!!! I love the CLEAN DOG....he looks like my BALZAC, a dog I draw on my cards. Have a super day my dear! Anita

  9. Lucky Kim. I am the worst gift wrapper. I just hate it. I got that from my mom. The rest of the family are amazing.