Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday's wrap... journey with me...

are you singing ... ? ... just a small town girl, living in a lonely

world, she took the midnight train...i'm already off track (so to speak)...

that's one of my favorite open the sun roof on the way to the office 

summer songs...and, man! i can clean house to Journey!  it's also

our Mom's weekend song, while the kids were at Washington State University.

if you attend a WAZZU alumni wedding, the Mom's and kids throw their arms

around each other and sway and sing  it to the top of their lungs. 

it's emotion and love at it's best!


i just started this day with the best memories dancing in my head.

back on track...this post is about Susie V.

i have not seen Susie since... before Christmas.

she has the sweetest heart.

she invited me to her trunk show last November.

Susie has traveled all over the world. along the way she collected

beads and stones as souvenirs of her travels.

she says, "these are my journey stones!". 

she decided it was time to share her stones by designing a collection

of jewelry.

i snapped a few pictures of her... Journey Stones.

(please excuse the quality of the images, i was using my little point and shoot.)

the images above are only a glimpse of her beautiful collection.

 this morning, before work, i prepared a surprise for Susie.

i cannot bring myself to cover Maria's French lavender filled pillows,

 i just trimmed it with fancy ribbon. i am lucky to have a die cutter so

i can make my own tags.  i keep my vintage trimmings in Ikea hat boxes.

the little piece with faux pearls, silver and white glass beads was the

perfect little flourish. i tied the paper linen tag on with natural tiny twine

from Besotted!

thank you to everyone for visits and your wonderful comments. i promise that

i will catch up with you in the next couple days.  the work days are

long, but i am enjoying all the new that i am learning.



  1. I love that song too. Beautiful stones, to make into jewelry. Sometimes gifts just need a ribbon:):)xoxo,Susie

  2. Love this story, Lynne....and I can hear you singing as I read it! Have a wonderful rest of the week~

  3. Beautiful stones and jewelry pieces. I love your ribbon wrapping. Glad work is going okay- xo Diana

  4. I can hear the song running through my head, Lynne!
    Journey is fun to sing...I love Open Arms!

    Sweet post, thanks for sharing.
    I do hope you'll stop by and enter my blog giveaway! There's just one day left.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  5. Good morning my dear! I hope you received your purchase?

    THAT PILLOW IS FANTASTIC! You really do manage to find some wonderful items! Happy February (tomorrow!) Anita