Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a whimsical Wednesday's wrap with lot's of love for all!

hi there!

:: bonjour, petit Anita! ::

(isn't she the cutest?)

i couldn't think of a sweeter greeting than 

little Anita, peeking around the pretty edge of a perfect envelope!

this morning, before setting the table for addressing

my Valentines, i wrapped gifts for two of

my sweet and patient blog friends and their pooches.

i included some fun doggie recipes from Gousse's recipe box.

to Kim and Donna,(from earlier wraps),and Danielle and Linda...
... i hope to have everything posted by the weekend.
i will email tracking numbers to notify all of you. 

with the wrapping complete, it was time to set the

table for addressing my Valentines. ( i have been keeping my last

French fig candle from Donna to light for tonight's ritual.)

 as i stated in Monday's post, this is the first year in my life

that i planned not to make and assemble my Valentines.

in January, i fell in...early Valentine love with Anita Rivera's whimsical

designs!  i ordered two boxes of cards from her Etsy shop.

i chose her GREATEST LOVE image as well as the image of

Count Sealyham and the red balloon.  they arrived beautifully boxed.

 each card is hand touched with glittered hugs and kisses. i can't wait

to light the candle and write!

i wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!



  1. I love your cards! I know you will miss making your own (and your loved ones will miss receiving them!), but these are just adorable! I love sending out Christmas and birthday cards, so I want you to have a relaxing, fun time tonight sending all of your LOVE out!

    Your gifts, by the way are fantastic! Doggie Love! :)


  2. Love those design, they are adorable. Thanks so much for your sweet words... always. Happy Valentine's Day Lynne

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Lynne !!!

  4. OH LYNNE!!!!! I am so very honored and I like the way Count Sealyham looks from another perspective! And there I am in my blue coat...teehee...

    HAVE FUN MY DEAR with your cards. I am making more designs for Spring and throughout the year! Thank you so kindly for your patronage AND mention here!

    WOOOO HOOO! Love is in the air! Anita

  5. Lynn, These cards are so cute. I might have to order some myself. Love the balloons! So funny we both went to Sur La Table for cooking classes. I'll have to check out the Macaron class, they look so pretty! Wishing you a Romantic Valentine's!

    Love, Jody

  6. I knew you would be celebrating Valentine's day at your those sweet notes! One of life's greatest pleasures is to write hand written notes to our loved ones. Enjoy the day!

  7. What sweet cards. Happy Valentines to you, too.

  8. The cards are delightful.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and joining us at Reve. It is wonderful to be able to share our passions about France with others. My house is in a beautiful corner of France, seldom mentioned in tourist guides. Life has a relaxing rhythm, but with all the trials trying to renovate our house, thanks to a deceptive Englishman, we have had some emotional times. By the look of the snow on our roof and the holes in the tiles, the roller coaster ride is not over! Warm regards, Elizabeth

  9. The cards are just gorgeous. Happy Valentine's Day (belated), love Linda x