Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a winter's journey is on the horizon...

the last time we were at Whistler,

we were called home after one day and one night.

 (Mother's fall.) 

i still remain grateful to our dear Chrislyn, for staying by her side until 
my Dad was located on the golf course. she and little Holland
followed the ambulance to the hospital. i am also grateful to Jason,
who left work early to care for Holland, so Chrislyn could stay 
at the hospital, until Mr D and i made it home. 

the past six months have presented some unexpected challenges and concerns.

Mom continues to recover from her fall last September.

 in April, she will have surgery to remove the plate from her left wrist.

she has almost made a full recovery from the stroke that she

 suffered on Thanksgiving day. Dad has done a remarkable

job as her caregiver. lot's of time has been spent on the road to her

rehabilitation.  he has been teaching her how to cook and bake

once again.  since his retirement,  he has always kept the house

and the laundry. Mom has always done the cooking and the baking.

simple tasks have become a challenge, as attention deficit has

` been the main post stroke symptom.

i have begun to realize that she may not be able to drive again.

last night, i popped in for a quick visit to find her quilting and making

deviled eggs.  Dad stays by her side in the kitchen to ensure that the burners

are turned off, and the refrigerator door is closed tightly.

Mom and Dad gifted us their time share.  it's a lovely mountain retreat.

the vacation home comes with all the amenities, but i plan to take

my Le Creuset oven and my hand mixer.  i love to cook and bake when

i am at Whistler. we buy the basics and meats here. at the Whistler Village

market, we seek Canada's international flavor to add to our meals.

 Mr D has been working lot's of overtime, so we can indulge

 in a dinner out and a couple night caps at the Fairmont for blueberry tea

and our favorite chocolate fondue dessert.

Jay and his best friend, (since grade school), Ty will be joining us for a few days.

Ty is Operations Manager for Bataleon Snowboards and accessories.

Jay and Ty both work hard in jobs that they love!

... time is tight right! 

i have been scratching off my to do lists. i am training

dear Christi, who will be stepping into my place at work, while i am away.

i have some pretty and fun wrappings to share tomorrow!

have a great day!



  1. It is so hard watching our parents become less independent, isn't it? I am glad that your Mom has quite a bit of recovery from her fall and also from the stroke. That she is as good as she is right now is really a blessing. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  2. Your dad sounds like a wonderful person to help your mom through this challenging time! Your family sounds like a great group of people!! Hope your vacation is a wonderful time!!