Tuesday, February 5, 2013

good morning, honey!

at yesterday's random tea, i received a few inquiries about 

:: here ::
the raspberry honey.

my fave is Anna's.
it's made right here in the PacNWest
i love the squeeze bears because they are easy 
to transport. i keep a bear with my random teas in my
desk drawer at work.
they sell Anna's honey at many stores
around this region. it is also available here.

the taste is subtle...perfect with lemon.

her blackberry honey is yummy too!

and thanks to my four cups of Lady Grey...with lemon and
raspberry honey, (along with the two doses of Ibuprofen i took
yesterday), and a prayer...when i woke up this morning,
 that scratchy throat was GONE!  

enjoy the day!



  1. Oh...YUMMALICIOUS!!! And have you ever had lavender honey? In France, I saw it but never had the chance to try it. There are so many surprises out there as far as tastes!

    Have a magical day my dear! Anita

    1. Yes, Anita!
      We have a big lavender growing community in Sequim, Washington!
      My daughter brought me lavender sugar last Spring! I will email you a link!

  2. Thanks so much, Lynne! I'm sure hubby will love this on his morning toast. So glad you are feeling better today!


    1. For extra decadence...On Sunday...French bread toast with butter, raspberry jam and raspberry honey drizzled on top!

  3. I wish I would have raspberry honey this weekend. Lots and lots of honey with lemon tea...raspberry would have been really yummy and I bet I would have felt even better;))
    Have a great week.

    When I am up visiting my in laws this summer in Washington I will have to try to find some:)

    ~ Cheryl

  4. Yum. We have local honey right now - totally raw and straight from the hive! It's yummy too :)