Sunday, February 24, 2013

random winter into spring ... and ... back to Camp!

good Sunday, my friends!

i hope all of you are feeling well.

yesterday, was the first day since Christmas, that we were able to

have a nearly complete family gathering, where the only reason for

missing the party was work related, and not due to the flu or a winter cold!

it has been a tough flu season.  those in our circle friends and family who

 boast, "i never get sick", have also landed down for the count for a few days.

 Mr D returned to work on Tuesday. we welcomed the Monday holiday to allow

 him one more day of recovery.  although, i didn't miss a full day of work,

my energy has been zapped since the third week of January.

February has once again gifted the welcome reality of

 leaving for, and arriving home from the daylight!

the day after Valentines Day has prompted the first inkling of...Spring!

the transition of winter into spring...

 reminds me of  George Winston.  i remember adding his

music to my commute to Seattle repertoire in 1982. it was my

effort to ad a little culture to my pregnant self.

  i have been wanting to redo our bedroom for a long, long, time.

i find inspiration in the rooms that have styled and photographed

by Meagan Camp. i blogged about Meagan after i became acquainted

with her in an issue of Rue magazine in 2011.  

i was taken by her layering of mixed style elements in her photographs above.

i love the brass "kiss and hug", the fabulous basket filled with beautiful 

vintage linens at the foot of the bed, and the adorable snuggle-inviting pooch.

the image says  "it's a perfect Sunday afternoon, jump on board

for a read, a blog session...or... why not a little snooze with Fido?!"

(what this space speaks at night, whether it is illuminated by the moon, or that
 very cool wall mounted reading light, evokes additional daydreams. )

recently, another one of her bedroom, (or in this case, bed space)

statements of style popped up on my sidebar.  Meagan is big at defining space.

her latest challenge is renovating and decorating her one room cottage

at Rhinebeck.

the duvet and shams are from Ikea...yes, Ikea.

if you would like, you can read about the design process of this space,  here.

Mr D and i have a queen size brass bed.  we deliberated about replacing it with

 a king size with a wooden headboard and moving the brass queen to the guest

bedroom. it was decided to stay with the brass queen.

the design process begins !


enjoy your week!



  1. Glad you were able to have a nice family get-together but sorry you have all been sick. The flu this year is not selective in who it hits! Love the bedroom and I like the idea of the queen brass bed. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. What a beautiful post! I do so miss my bedroom at home! I need to check out the blog you mentioned. Very inspiring!

    We have managed NOT to get sick this season except for allergies! YAY!! We are coming out of lockdown on Friday - March 1st! To celebrate Amber and Mike asked LD and me of we would go with them as they take the babies and we ALL go OUT to dinner!! Here's hoping the babies will not be getting sick as soon as they get out in public!

  3. Good afternoon sweet Lynne!

    I LOVE GEORGE WINSTON AND these photos. I think the magic element here is LIGHT. The textures of the linen, the DOG, the gold patina on the stencils all make for a mood, rather than just a look. I think MOOD is what a room is all about.

    I wish you fun and success as you find what works for you in your house!! Anita

  4. I'm so happy that your family and friends have all recovered. Please, let's not have this outbreak next winter.

    These are really inviting bedrooms. I like the 2nd one. Although the first is very pretty, I have a thing about unmade beds! lol! Good luck finding what you want. I Love brass beds!


  5. What a gorgeous bedroom. Glad everyone is feeling better :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I want that headboard, my bedroom will be the last to be decorated, I have a feeling:). Thank you for your vote!!Jen

  7. Good that you are all getting healthy again. Thankfully, we here have all been healthy, and I'm looking forwards to visiting good friends in Seattle in April ... ( She is taking me to the Tulip Festival) So excited... The bedrooms are gorgeous! Have a great day Lynne!