Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! the typical 34th street tablescape!

last weekend we traveled to a big family gathering.

before departing, the farm table was once again, a busy place for wrapping!

 i am pretty much a plain paper wrapping girl, but i folded...when i found

a big selection of pretty, thick, textured paper at Home Goods.

the rolls were 2.99 each...regularly 9.00!

for each family,  i  had collected some edible luxuries to fill craft paper

shopping bags. ( i had a mini assembly line going.)

i chose to wrap the extra virgin olive oil in pink,

and chocolate paisley paper, tied with tiny twine.  i also added cello bags

of novelty pastas, (which i forgot to photograph).

i purchased applewood smoked salt from 

Kimberly's savory seasoning arrived neatly wrapped in...

" brown paper packages tied up with string."

my sister in law fell in love with the diminutive Weck jar inside!

for this wrapping project, i chose to  focus on the gift tags.

i started with simple tags from Besotted.

i applied self adhesive pine cones, from the Jolee's Boutique

collection at Michael's.   each tag was touched with a bit of 

laundry and passementerie from my favorite affordable guilty pleasure...

...Julie Collings at Etsy!

once more, i play winter into spring...

next,  it was time to wrap for the kiddos!

there was a new crop of cousins at the kid's table!

i wrapped the pirate and princess puzzles in plain paper!

the gifts were topped with flashy pom poms and monograms!  

i fashioned blue letters for Ryan and Hudson.

 i knew that miss Brogan would love princess pink!

i love this simple idea for birthday cards and money books.

 i always have plain note cards, cake candles and ribbon on hand.

the pom poms were a hit!

have a great Wednesday and Thursday!

i have some special French bread to share on Friday!



  1. I must are quite a talent!! I would be as happy with the wrapping and tags, as I would the gift!

    You have agreat Wednesday and Thursday too! xo

  2. Such nice gifts lynne, and I love all the thought and detail you put into your wrapping. Makes the gift extra special, I like that... people get excited about the gift before they even know what's inside... Have a great day...

  3. Wow Lynne, you are amazing! I bet your family love to see you coming with your gorgeous goodie bags! Love to you, Linda xx

  4. You really ARE amazing!!! What a wonderful and CREATIVE post filled with LOVE!!!

  5. Amazing, Lynne! Amazing! You do such a wonderful job and this is a GREAT post. I hope you joined some parties with all these ideas- xo Diana