Friday, March 1, 2013

French bread on Friday...there's a story!

happy Friday everyone!

a  fun fact about Blogville is that we are birds of a feather

we love and share many of the same bloggy friends.

 Gina, at Random Thoughts is one of the dear friends that i see pop up in the

 comment field of many posts in Blogville. she has been a sweet 

 friend of mine for about two years.

last December she had a lovely give a way. it was a mercury glass

Christmas tree.  i won that pretty tree!

when the postman handed it to me, i could not believe my ears.

a box of shatter!  i did make a comment to him..." sounds broken."

he said..."do you think it's broken?"  for a moment some sarcasm crossed

my mind...but, i remained my gracious and kind self, and in the spirit of

the harried holiday season, i thanked him.

  i felt that i should tell Gina, because it is my tradition to blog about

winnings, gifts, and purchases from my blog friends.

when i told Gina what happened she said, "Lynne, i will make it up to you!"

i told her not to worry as postage was expensive.

on Saturday, when i returned from our family gathering there was 

a box from Gina on the farm table. ( Mr D had placed it there, as

it was on the front porch when he returned home from work.)












as most of you know, the farm table is the heart of our home.

Mr D and i bought it in a barn in Alabama about 38 years ago.

it has always been the center of activity. it is our

 place for meals, homework, science projects, art and sewing.

last Fall i plopped Holland Grace onto the table to eat her berries 

under the chandie!  she loved sitting under the crystals!

 here is a peek at our vintage Alabama farm table this morning!

it holds the prettiest French bread!

a perfect fit!

just look at the lovelies...

so thoughtfully

selected for me.

thank you, Gina!

happy weekend sweet ones!



  1. Oh, my!!! It is all so beautiful! You have the BEST blogger friends!!
    As always - I love seeing pictures of your lovely home!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! What a lovely gift..

  3. Wow, what a generous package and it all looks so pretty on your special farm table!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Please stop by my place, I am having a cookbook giveaway that I'm sure you will not want to miss. xo

  4. The runner looks so pretty on your table! I'm glad you are enjoying your goodies.

  5. HOW ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR YOU MY DEAR! C'est bien français! LOVE IT! Anita

  6. Hello Lynne, that table runner is just gorgeous, and so perfect for your table, and for your love of all things French. Love Linda xx