Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Maria's shop...and serendipity!

oh...i LOVE the word serendipity...

hello Tuesday!

i know that most of you follow Maria at Rusty Hinge.

she is such a talent, and a lovely friend to know in blogville.

while i was waiting for my Irish bread to bake on

Saturday, i popped onto 34th street for a second to find a

pleasant surprise on my sidebar blogroll.

Maria's pop up brocante shop!

:: ici ::

i fell for this!


on Sunday...
...when i was on my way over to Mom and Dad's house, i needed 

to make a quick stop at QFC to pick up another pint of Guinness to

 make Irish bread to go with their boiled dinner.

while in the check out line...

i spied THIS!

 how could i NOT buy it?

inside is a charming article on vintage seed packets!


:: ici ::

before i feel the first "Springshine" here in the Pacific Northwest,

i'll just have to play flower shop indoors!



  1. Nice... I love that magazine and get very excited when mine comes in the mail. That is a charming article. You always remind me of my upcoming trip to Seattle...:) Have a good day...Mary

  2. I am halfway through the magazine so I haven't come to the article yet. I do love that cover! I'm going to have to visit your friend's blog!


  3. Can I play flowershop indoors with you? So very cute!!! The only reason I ask is because we have SIX MORE inches of new snow and the drift out back is higher than our garage door-NO kidding! xo Diana

  4. Good morning beautiful one! Love every thing about this post; there are many talents out there to celebrate and the photo of that garden chair says so much. LOVE IT! Anita

  5. My daughters would have said "qwinky-dinky" upon you spotting that magazine after seeing the photo on line. Yes they used to make me crazy with laughter, while raisng them. I too love the look of the old seed packets. Little did we know one day they would become works of art.xoxo,Susie