Monday, March 4, 2013

what is it about French butter?

my curiosity began last December, when Mr D and i were at Costco shopping
for our staples (coffee, nuts, maple syrup, wine, cheese 
and his gimundo bag of chips).
we always separate at least three times when we visit Costo.
 i lose Mr D at the wine, and he loses me at books and fromage!
on this visit to the big warehouse,

when seeking fromage, i found French butter.  
  i know if i had pushed the would have ended up
in the cart...but to justify spending OVER EIGHT DOLLARS on a pound
of butter...i had to do some research.

(the research was placed on the very back burner with the acquisition
at work in January, the crazy flu and colds that came in February, 
along with my quest for getting some things on 34th street in better 
order before my goal date of March 1st!)

on Saturday, i posted about a French cookie exchange!
the post was inspired by one of my favorite French blogs Manon 21.  
Manon's blog featured butter cookies from POILANE.

this morning i made crepes for Mr D and me.
( i didn't photograph them as i did not intend to blog about them)
they were made with farm fresh British Columbia eggs.
i drizzled them with butter from Montreal that i found for
six dollars a pound, and blackberry honey.

now, i know that Montreal is not France...

...but the butter was and is nothing short of amazing. 
 i took a bite of my breakfast crepes.
then i looked up at Mr D.  we both said..."the butter".

he got up from is chair, went to the fridge and took the package of

butter out for further inspection.  it was just a fun little gastro moment!
i must say that i was pretty impressed with the "B.C." farm
fresh eggs that went into the batter as well. when you can feel the
difference when cooking, you KNOW that you are going to TASTE
the difference at the meal!
can you believe that i am going on an on about French butter?

after breakfast,  i found the answer to my question in this article by Dorie Greenspan
that was published in the New York Times on January 2001. 
"LIONEL POILANE, France's best-known bread baker, has a very expressive face, and recently it was expressing deep doubt. He scrunched up his eyebrows, frowned and said: ''I'd love to give you my cookie recipe, but I won't because you'll never be able to make it in America. Your butter just isn't the same as ours.'' 
Then, he looked at me the way a teacher might regard a slow student and asked,
 ''What is it about your butter?'' 
"What is it indeed?"
Or put another way, "what is it about French butter?"
there are two recipes attached to the article, one for a lemon tart, and 
the other is for a French butter cookie!

the next time i find French butter...into the cart it will go 
without a second thought!

my goal for this day is to butter you up...



  1. Ooh French butter at costco?! Must give it a try! It sounds amazing!

  2. I've never even HEARD of French Butter!! And, I have to tell you, I am about to Google 'fromage.'I am learning so much!

  3. Oh my 8 dollar a pound butter. I could never do that. good old Land-o-lakes will have to for me. But then I never do any french cooking. It may make all the difference in the world. xoxo,Susie

  4. I don't believe I've ever seen French butter around here. I can only imagine just how wonderful it must be!

  5. The BEST ingredients... for the BEST food, so important , and that's how I roll. I'm sure you will be happy with the $8 butter, you already noticed it with the $6 butter. Your Crepe breakfast sounds lovely and delicious... Have a delicious week.

  6. This really makes me smile, not just because I love French butter of any kind, but because I found Italian butter at Costco last week on a roadshow and wondered if I were crazy to buy it. I was lucky enough to get one of the last packages, and it sold out before all the other Italian meats they were featuring! Oui oui, the French butter is a different texture and taste than ours. All that rain I think...have a lovely week!!

  7. Hubby goes to Costco quite a bit, yesterday in fact. I just told him about the French butter (and I think Montreal is a wonderful source for all things French) and he sounded quite interested once I repeated parts of the article. I wasn't able to Pin the recipe for the tart or cookies :( We do love our crepes and pancakes and I bet I can find a good butter cookie recipe. So, Costco, here we come!


  8. I think I am just drooling here- Wonderful post and now I am starving!!!! xo Diana

  9. Okay...things to remember....gimundo....and french butter.

    Loved your post...made me hungry for food this fine morning!
    Thanks for sharing. I can picture the whole scene. XO

    Ciao Bella

  10. Bonjour ma belle!

    I have to run off to work; I will get back to you via email!

    But a word about French is "better" because their cows eat a different kind of grass. Their meat tastes different for the same reason. The bread in France is FABULOUS because of the wheat they grow. It is unbelievable!

    OK, gotta go..back later!

  11. Very interesting! What Castles crowns and cottages said in her comment makes total sense! Want to move to France with me? We could rent a ridiculously tiny apartment in Paris and feast on French foods every single day. Would that make up for leaving our families behind though? I think probably not! Maybe we should wait and take them with us!!

  12. I will definitely be on the lookout for French butter :)

  13. Costco, French Butter, I'm running to the store now! Sounds like you and Mr.D had a delicious Crepe breakfast. I'm so jealous!


  14. Lynne, Just wanted you to know I mentioned on my blog about getting the Paris scissors I saw on your blog. I love them! Thanks for sharing!