Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April's pink post! laundry day recipes and a give a way!

do you know what is sweet to me?

i discovered that my most viewed post every month is my PINK POST!

at one time, i had thought..."this could be getting boring for my friends."

after more thought... 

..."if this simple pink reminder saves one precious life, it's sooooo worth it!"   

"keep it going, Lynne!"

the source for this PINK PRINT is here!

 i LOVE this recipe for

lavender scented spray starch !

dissolve 1 tablespoon cornstarch in 1 pint of cold water
add 6 drops of lavender essential oil.
place in a pretty spray bottle.
always give it a little shake before using!


i almost forgot!

i am giving away a laundry day 

pink print to one of my readers! 

just leave a little comment!

i will announce the winner on May Day!

...and don't YOU forget to check on the girls!


  1. This is such a great idea! Such a pretty reminder for us to 'check' on the 'girls'. If I had kept up on my regular pap tests, I wouldn't have been so shocked on that day back in October.

    We all need to take care of many of those we love depend on it.

    Much love to you my friend. xo

  2. I agree!!! What a great reminder!! Love all of your posts - thank you so much for each of them!!

  3. I love these posts, too, and I'm glad so many others do as well. Thanks for having such a nice giveaway, but you know I've already won one, so don't count me in...let another gal have the chance.

    I don't do much ironing these days but I love homemade cleaning products and such. If you follow Yvonne at Stonegable, she posted a recipe for making your own Frebreeze room/fabric freshener. Email me if you want it. :)


  4. Isn't it funny why strikes blogger's fancy? I already won one of your giveaways so I will let someone else win this time! Great post...and I love the pink posts, too- xo Diana

  5. Bonjour chère amie!

    NOW YOU are going to be perfect for the French link party! Thank you for visiting and joining in. I am snatching your link and putting you on the list that will appear next Friday so we can all start preparing! LOVE ! Anita