Friday, April 26, 2013

French Bread on Friday... framboises et d'hortensias dans un petit mode...

first... a cute little story about my daughter and my granddaughter.

Miss Holland is putting together sentences and sharing her thoughts...

the day before yesterday, Chrislyn was making Holland
chocolate chip pancakes.  she gave her three chocolate
chips to sample while the cakes were cooking.
Holland looked up at Chrislyn, smiled, and said...


i love the notion of a twenty-two month old that is able to perceive 

what is  b e a u t i f u l  to "herself".

 it warms my heart.

if i were to pick a favorite fruit, it would raspberries.

:: ici ::

a favorite flower?

:: ici ::

hydrangeas are at the top of my list.
(we used them as instant bridal bouquets when playing dress up and
make-believe when we were little.)



:: ici ::

anything with raspberries.

:: ici ::

...or better yet?  anything with raspberries and chocolate!

yesterday, i began birthday shopping for my favorite two-year-old-to-be!

:: ici ::

she will be a vision in hydrangeas, trimmed with French Raspberry Dessert!

happy weekend, my friends!

:: i will be mailing Monday's images from the tulip farm here ::


  1. "Chocolate...beautiful"...I love your story!

  2. We share the same love for raspberries. I love them them any way they come, but with fresh whipped cream...YUM!

    Have a wonderful time shopping...little girls are so much fun! :)


  3. Such sweet thoughts and memories in the making. I share your love for Raspberries, Chocolate and Hydrangea! Love it all. Have a great weekend Lynne...

  4. Happy weekend dear heart! AND les framboises sont mes baies préférées aussi! Anita

  5. Children say the most precious things! A real granddaughter after your own heart!

  6. what a sweet story! I hope that you have a wonderful mother's day in a few weeks :)

  7. Hello Lynne, how lovely that Holland is discerning what is beautiful, but she has a good role model!
    I am with you on the raspberries, and the hydrangea, and the dress is just amazing, as if you designed it yourself! Can you believe she is almost 2?
    Many many thanks for your lovely comments. I am so blown away, that you put my opening day on your calendar. Thank you for your offer of help also, but it really is a local thing that I am doing, but you were very sweet to offer.
    Things are going well, but I can't seem to move quickly enough.
    Wishing you a joy-filled week, love Linda xx