Monday, April 29, 2013

random cafe'... today's images and words are from out of the blue!

hello to Monday,

and to all of you too!

:: ici ::



:: ici ::




...robin's egg blue!"

as a part of the liquidation of the Van Lierop

 the bulb farm (last Monday's post here), they had 

an estate sale going on. there was lot's of cool 

stuff. i fell for the old school pale, 

powder, periwinkle, word perfect robin's egg, 

that - looks - like - new... blue! 

i remember typing many a term paper on a gem 

similar to this!

i'll be wrapping on Wednesday!

have a great week!



  1. So fabulous is this color. I have had this color on my garage door and windows (that face my garden) in periwinkle blue for about 10 years, but this year, I am having to repaint but I am going GRAY! Lovely day my friend! Anita

  2. What young girl would not have loved typing on the beautiful blue typewriter. I love it. xoxo,Susie

  3. This is beautiful! And that's a big compliment coming from a gal who flunked typing class (yes, I peck away with 4 fingers, amazing that I can blog so much!). I know you're sad to see you fave place close up, but at least you have some pleasant final memories.


  4. I think I've got that same typewriter, or one very similar to it. :-)