Monday, May 13, 2013

a whole pot of "random coffee"!

hello everyone!

i hope that you had a great Mother's Day weekend!

for us, the weekend held it's share of  beautiful and chaotic moments!

i missed work on Friday. the flu bug won! i was officially wiped out!

Mr D and i spent Saturday out in the garden. we planted eighteen day lilies, 

(six of each of the above).  we also transplanted some lavender.

the dryer went out on Saturday night. 

the inside of our house looks like this!

Mr D had to work on Mother's Day, which also happened to

be his birthday!  just after he departed for work, i let 

the Chocolate Gousse outside, before heading to church.

  the back gate was open!

i didn't discover her disappearance for about ten minutes.  

needless to say, i was driving around the neighborhood with the

windows down calling her name and shaking the tin that holds 

her biscuits cookies... for thirty minutes!  we live on a LOOP within another LOOP,

then there is THE BUSY STREET!   i finally found her on the OUTER LOOP, just 

three houses from THE BUSY STREET!

Gousse, (pronounced Goose), is anything but streetwise.

she is a 100 pound Chocolate Lab that is a very pampered inside dog!

 the MAN ABOVE was extra help. ( he saw that i was in my 

church clothes.)   i had a combination of prayer, "Get Me To 

The Church On Time", and i cannot loose Gousse on Mr D's birthday,

 playing over and over in my mind!  

i made it to church with five minutes to spare!

after church, we had a wonderful brunch at Chrislyn and Jason's house!

  Jason snapped this keepsake image just before we left.

 Holland was just up from her afternoon nap!

 i am so glad that she could be in the picture.  Ben was still sleeping.

after brunch, i stopped by the grocery store to pick up fresh salad ingredients

 and two New York steaks for Mr D's birthday dinner. i was headed back to the

car from the "cart return" when a young man said, "ma'am, can i give you a

 bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day?"  i  accepted the bouquet and thanked him

for his kindness!  

i snapped a picture of the pretty bouquet this morning!

tonight Mr D will be taking the dryer apart!  bless his heart!

have a great Monday and Tuesday!

 i will be wrapping presents for Jay on Wednesday!



  1. What a time you had!! Your lab reminds me of Amber and Mike's dogs. Except they are outside now at his parents' home while they are still in a tiny apartment while trying to buy a BIG house!
    Loved your family picture! Time flies by and it's important to take pics to remember these special days. Amber told me yesterday they didn't know what they were doing when they gave me the little red camera last year! And I started blogging after Amber did.....she said she really started something! I said, "No, I just wrote Facebook Notes with photos before then!"
    Glad you are feeling better! Happy Monday, Friend!

  2. Wow! What a day, sounds like it all turned out great though.. Love the photo, you all look so pretty. Have a wonderful day...

  3. Other than Gousse getting loose, it sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I love that generational picture, you will treasure that always.

    I hope you are over that flu bug, I know it takes a lot to keep you down. Have a wonderful week!


  4. THERE SHE IS! There's Holland! HI YOU ALL! A 100lb chocolate lab? HOLY cow....they are so darling! Have a super day Lynne, and the photo is just lovely Anita