Tuesday, May 28, 2013

an ordinary miracle that pulled at my heartstrings...

happy Tuesday!

Mr D and i were out weeding the pea gravel a few weeks ago when 

 i spied this little green gem!

i couldn't toss it in yard waste receptacle. instead, i took

 mon petit cèdre inside to our kitchen window! the baby tree

 has already grown and inch and one half and sprouted two new limbs!

i give it a fresh drink of water every other day. 

i changed the water this morning, and flourished the tiny green the bit of 

Maria's Dutch butcher's twine.  in a couple weeks, i'll take the petit arbre back 

outside to it's birthplace and plant it in a pretty white pot.  

i have been keeping and eye for new sprouted treasures.

perhaps i will have a tiny tree farm on the kitchen sill by Christmas!

(i have always wished to live on a Christmas tree farm.)

the best things in life are gifted to us...



  1. What a cute little tree. I love the fragrance of fir tree and pines. xoxo,Susie

  2. How perfectly WONDERFUL!! I have a HUGE honeysuckle bush that was a gift from God - by way of a little bird dropping the seed!

  3. Absolutely love the little cedar tree in its decorated bottle!


  4. Owww i love your little green !!...so sweet .....love from me...xxx..

  5. What a wonderful idea,I live down South,and we have lots of pines.Alot of people don't like themmm,can't blame them because of the storms.But I like my pines.And I wish you a very early Christmas with yours.
    Till next time,
    Marie Antoinette

  6. How true, the best things in life appear when we least expect them... beautiful pictures.

  7. GOOD MORNING DEAREST LYNNE!!!!! Any sign of life is worth saving. Love it. Anita

  8. Hello Lynne, isn't Nature wonderful? I do love it when the birdies leave little presents.
    Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments. I would love a Lilac tree in my garden, the smell is just heavenly. Much love to you, Linda x