Friday, May 3, 2013

French bread on Friday! boutique de fleurs, deuxième partie!

ooooo... it's a B E A U T I F U L  day on 34th street!

i mean G LO R I O U S !

i snapped this image of our dining room just after Mr. D departed 

for work this morning, (about five thirty a.m.).  (mr golden sun was not 

yet awake!) i was sipping my coffee with anticipation of

a quick (before work) craft project. remember my post about transforming

the dining area into a "boutique de fleurs"?

first! did you notice the chandie?

i used a table runner that i found at Hobby Lobby.

a mere 7.99 for the new look!

i was seeking organic!

 i am loving the burlap!

the reflection of light, both natural in the daylight and 

illuminated at night, is wonderful!  as you can see, i used little

sprigs of lavender, tied with tiny twine to disguise the seams.

this morning's project was to make a pennant banner out of 

vintage French seed labels and craft paper envelopes!

i am more than pleased with the outcome!

sun's up!

...and i have to leave you for the shower and the office!

happy weekend!

{i have been visiting, but i need to catch up on my blog visit comments!
 i will pop in to visit and chat on the weekend!}

oh! and the winner of the print on April's pink post? 


(it's easy to write her name in sunbeams!)

you can visit her amazing blog here!


  1. I like the look of the chandy. Cozy. I need to make me a little banner, thanks for the idea.xoxo,Susie
    hope your weekend is full of fun.

  2. Looks great! Sweet little transformation, and I love the lavender on the chandelier...bon week-end!

  3. My dear.....this post is a BEAUTIFUL addition to the France link party for the 17th! This is the influence that French décor has trickled down to us! Do you have a BEFORE pick of the chandy? I think the addition of burlap is the best thing. This is super. MERCI!!! Anita

  4. Lynne, I love your morning crafts, very cute. How fun to transform something so easily and have it look so great! Hope you have a beautiful weekend.
    Ciao Bella XOXO,

  5. My goodness...the chandy is fabulous! Now, what on earth is under it? We need a before!! I love the banner, too! This would look so sweet in my kitchen window. Thanks for your inspiration. I just don't know how you do it all, I was up at 6:00 and I couldn't peel my hands off my coffee cup for an hour!


  6. You are so creative!!!! Love the way you did the light with that burlap! I was at Hobby Lobby today and saw some but I wondered what I would DO with it!! Now I know.....

    Happy Friday Night!!

  7. Great fact I have some of those exact same seed labels...

  8. WOW!!! I am loving both projects.

  9. Hello Lynne, your dining room is looking fabulous. I love what you did with the seed packets, and the chandelier is just beautiful. You are clever. Love Linda xx

  10. More delicious torture by seed labels as I catch up on your blissful blog.:)