Friday, May 31, 2013

French bread on Friday... from the farm, to the farm table!

good day everyone!

 i am so ready for this weekend!  

it's officially farmer's market season here in the Pacific Northwest!

 Mr D and i are ready for tomorrow.

i get to carry the French market basket that Chrislyn, Jason and the "Grands" 

gave me for Christmas.  Mr D will carry a small cooler to fill with fresh oysters.

rain or shine, they will be on the grill Saturday night!

ohhhh...and we'll open a good bottle of red!

this morning's French bread is sprinkled with a touch of  lavender sugar! 

i have gathered my favorite farm to table inspiration for breakfast!  

 this amazing image led me to this wonderful french blog!

i started a :: farm to table {L}ove:: board on Pinterest!

can you tell that i am excited?  

welcome June!

are you ready to spring into summer?

i am jumping in with both feet and...


  1. Oh my, if I ate an oyster, it would take a huge bottle of wine to wash it down.:) Never have liked them, like to smell them cooking in dressing. Our farmer's market starts in 8 days. Hope you weekend is fabulous. xoxo,Susie

  2. OH LYNNE! You are putting me in the mood to start my French summer days. I am putting out candle sticks on my table, linens and making some French inspired pizza (basil, walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes on a Provençal sauce with olives!)

    Have a most happy day dear Lynne! Anita

  3. I am gearing up for summer also. Grand post.

  4. j'adore oysters!! we have a great little place close by that we go for champagne and oysters. :)
    and that cook book looks lovely!
    bon weekend!

  5. I love it when the farmer's market is up and running for the summer. I plan to go tomorrow morning. xo Laura

  6. Oh what fun! Our little girls have their first Farmer's Market experience with their new BIZNESS coming up next week- I can't wait- xo Diana

  7. I went to my first farmers market of the season last weekend. It is so nice to get fruits and vegetables that taste like what they are supposed to!

    Enjoy your trip!


  8. Couldn't miss French Bread on Friday (although it's past midnight...shhhh). :)
    Love to visit local farmer's markets with my husband on weekends. I adore your tote.
    Maybe I'll join you tomorrow and head out to purchase some fresh ingredients for my first Eat, Pray, Love recipe.
    Have a beautiful weekend, love.

  9. I've said it before but I say it again - I LOVE how you live LIFE!!!
    Louis Dean and I MUST go down to our Farmer's Market in downtown Dallas! On a MONDAY when it is not so busy. Our Farmer's Market is open year round......but we have not taken advantage of it as we should.

    I love the SPRING in Texas - minus all the storms and the pecan beards! - but I am pulled reluctantly into summer. It is my LEAST favorite season. Summer 'starts' with me at the first sound of the locust! My daughter, Summer, and I have an on going contest as to who hears the locust FIRST! So far - neither!
    We are still waiting and that's a good sign it may not be a KILLER of a summer in Texas!

    Love the above comment's reference to EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Loved the book, the movie and the church group I was in where we gathered every month to Eat, Pray and Love.

  10. I'm jumping with two feet too, but there's nothing but rainy weather here in the south of Germany!

    I like your french inspired weekend meal very much!

    ♥ Franka

  11. Lynne thank you for sharing these lovely images!
    I love the farmer's markets, everything so fresh and aromatic!

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