Sunday, May 26, 2013

just one pic...le jour de mère heureux à tous les français "maman" est, from the American "moms" !

M A D A M E   L I B E R T Y !

she's vision in

red, white blue! 



  1. Oh, now that is a LOVELY TRIBUTE sweet Lynne! BON DIMANCHE! Anita

  2. I like that picture. When I went to see Lady was not open to go inside. I hope my next trip it will be. I cried when I saw it. xoxo,Susie

  3. Such a lovely tribute... Wishing you a good, long weekend...
    Ciao Bella, Mary

  4. Darling friend,

    I just saw your comment come in, and what a joy to read. These link parties are extremely special, and I am SO excited that you were able to join this year. Yes, the love, the CARE that pours out for FRANCE as we create our posts is impressive. The love and care that we extend to ONE ANOTHER as we visit, comment and make new friends truly is something that you don't want to end.

    Thank you for enjoying my writing room; it is indeed a place where I DO dance on occasion, write always, read by the fireplace and even do a little painting. is what you make of the simplest things. LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  5. Mon amis...,
    oh, yes, we are on the same page! France and United States red, white, and bleu! I love the poster with the Statue of Liberty in the background...