Monday, May 6, 2013

the real story about "the chandie"...and, because you asked...lot's of before pictures!

 i confess.

 it was a secret purchase.

it arrived in a  H U G E  box.

 i hid it under the bed in Chrislyn's old room the guest room.

i didn't tell Mr. D for over a year! i was waiting until we remodeled

the dining room. he was working so much overtime, that i didn't

want to add stress to his already busy schedule with another project.

when i first saw "it" in the Fall 2009 Pottery Barn Catalog, i cut it out and

"old school...pinned "  it inside the cover flap of my favorite little French

decorating book, which also doubles as a decorating idea journal!

was it too trendy?

too boho?

a little to edgy for 34th street?

$385.00 for this bit of whimsy!

way too steep!

it was March of  2010...

...i was on line, ordering a pretty chandelier, similar to this one. (a wedding

gift for the daughter and soon to be son in law of some dear friends.)

 as i scrolled down through the fixtures, i saw that my secret chandelier was...


there were only two left in stock!

it was quick decision making time.

Mr D was not in the house.

i had my 150.00 Christmas bonus tucked away for a rainy day.

...and it was raining!


in May of 20ll,  Mr D made a comment that we needed to look for

a new chandelier for the dining room.  it was time for my confession.

me:  "i bought a chandelier."

him: "what?"   "when?"   "where is it?"

i told him the story as i took him up to the guest room, and showed him

 the HUGE box under the bed.  he shook his head. we carried it down to the

dining room. he asked me to grab his tools from the garage while he unpacked

and assembled it. all the while, his reaction was not too favorable to my choice.

while he installed it, i realized that he may have been a little bit disappointed that i

did not include him when making this decorating decision...especially since

he is the resident expert on illumination!  (remember, Mr D is an electrician.)

there could have been wattage issues!

since the installation was near our wedding anniversary, i chose some

of our old love letters to display!  i love the look of old letters.

ours are the epitome of 70's...very groovy!

that day was the beginning of an ever changing collage

of little pieces of  love and whimsical style.

it's like my own little personal Pinterest for the heart of our home.

here, i pinned French postcards and  Maria's lavender during the

 dining room remodel.

this funky fixture o' mine of ours has held everything from, baseballs to

 kindergarten angels to French wine labels and vintage zinc stencils.

( yes, that's upholstery webbing in frame six!)

my favorite thus far, with the exception of the love letters,

was a recent display of vintage French menus.

i must admit that i am digging the burlap "organic drum shade " transition!

happy new week!

i'll be wrapping  Mother's Day gifts on Wednesday!


  1. You have certainly made that chandy work for you. So it must have been well worth the money. So sweet, your husband hung it up,as soon as you showed it to him. Hope you have a beautiful week. xoxo,Susie

  2. I hope that you husband has grown to love it; so very special. I adore that you can change it up so much!
    Great story!

    Art by Karena

  3. Love to hear the backstory, and each of the styling sessions you have done with it are perfect... I especially love the Love Letters, but how nice is it that Mr. D went along with the change!

  4. Let me tell you, I've kicked myself a hundred times over for not buying that chandelier. I too was afraid it was a little too edgy for me but I still love it! So glad you go it and are having fun with it.

    Now, there's a little shop here in town that has a lamp made similarly. Should I go for it?

  5. What a great story...I love it and I love all of the neat ways you have displayed your treasures on it! It's truly an ever~changing chandy! I think your hubby really likes it. I had to laugh because we are the same way...making big purchases together. A few years ago I was searching high and low for affordable bar stools (with backs) for the lakehouse. They were all about $300.00 and up a piece! When I came upon some beautiful ones at Overstock for $99.00 each, I gobbled up 8 of them lickety split and then forgot about it. 2-3 weeks later we went to the lake and there they were in boxes on the front porch. You would have thought I bought 8 donkeys!!! He went nuts. The happy ending was that he grudgingly admitted he liked them, and then later admitted he really loved them! And my great deal! lol!

    Sorry...I just love telling that story! And yours was great, too. Now you have to share pics when you update it next!


  6. What a great story Lynne! You really have made it earn it's keep though, with all those different looks. My fave is the burlap, it's gorgeous!
    Thank you so very much for your help with my website, I really love your ideas and will be putting them into action. Big hugs, Linda xx

  7. FANTASTIC CHANDY!!!! You are so creative my dear. I am also very late in coming!

  8. what a day for me to visit here!

    it's been too long ... and now I can see that I've been missing!

    oh my dearie, you've out done yourself ...
    what a fabulous conversation/build a memory piece of genius!

  9. Love this story - you sneaky thing! Can't say I haven't done a few sneaky things myself. Love the chandy and so worth it! xo

  10. Love it! And I love how Mr. D came to love it also! What a perfect place for an ever changing display of those favorite keepsakes in life.