Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! ...keeping with the burlap flower shop theme!

good morning!

i must apologize for the images!

i have to be at the office early this morn'...

...most of this was "a snap shot in the dark"!

...gathering the goodies for a quick, chic and fragrant wrap!

(it's that burlap table runner from Hobby Lobby once again.)

i measured enough to make a band for the package.

ruched gathered the center of the band...

so it would look like this!

on the back of the package, i just whip-stitched it together!

very simple, quick,!

i keep these amazing vintage French flower seed packets inside

my lavender jar.  they smell fantastic!  ...even in their unfilled state!

aren't they sweet?

...even sweeter filled with lavender!

now, a perfect sachet!

i added a squiggly bow made from burlap cording,

and pinned the seed packet sachet onto the package...

 ...see ya Friday!


  1. I love your burlap "bow"! I can actually see myself doing something like this! Your gifts are filled with love and thoughtfulness!


  2. So very creative, just be sure to let the recipient know that the burlap is a runner!

    Art by Karena

  3. How perfectly lovely!! You are so creative! Plus you fit all that creativeness into a life where you go to work every day! Summer was telling me how hard it is to get to the things she really wants to do - I told her, "Work is SO time consuming!!" I stand in amazement at what ladies do IN ADDITION to their 'JOB!'
    Hats off to you, my dear! Now I'm off to read about that chandie. I've missed a few posts!

  4. Another beautiful, thoughtful wrap... love the french flower seed pack sachet, such a sweet touch. Have a lovely day lynne...
    XO, Mary

  5. Oh my dear friend ~ bravo! Once again a gift that is just as delightful as the present inside.

    I of course have a question. Is it possible for you to scan the seed packet image and email it to me? It is just wonderful. If not I will scour the internet looking for such bliss. Wherever did you find such gems?

  6. You make something simple...simply adorable. I love the little seed packet.xoxo,Susie

  7. VERY cute!! I love this and can smell the lavender buds!

  8. Beautiful presentation to your creating.
    Love, love love all things creatively packaged with burlaps.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful post.


  9. What a perfect idea. I can't resist burlap, and the seed packs are just right. Oh, I must try this.
    So glad I stuck around to browse through your posts a little. I think I'm going to have to take you up on that French bread Fridays idea. :)