Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! a little change in plans...


it's been a little crazy around here!

as i mentioned in Monday's post, the dryer went out

on Saturday!  the problem was a 22.00 thermal fuse. fortunately, 

there was a fuse available about 15 minutes from my office.  i  was

able to pick it up on my lunch hour yesterday!  

last night Mr D disassembled the dryer.  he cleaned all the nooks 

and crannies and replaced the fuse! we're officially back in the business of

laundry... thanks to the talented Mr D...( i love him)!  the repair was 22.00 

and about an hour and one half of toil with an occasional expletive.

our laundry room is teeny tiny...and...let us not forget that

he had spent a day at work with a two hour commute!

last night post repair shrimp linguini softened the blow!

i was going to wrap Jay's birthday gifts this morning,

but i still needed to finish Chrislyn's Mother's Day gift.

we decided to exchange Mother's Day gifts and celebrate  

Mr D's birthday tonight!'

i gathered goodies for inspiration...

i chose to go with birds and bright!  

i went free form with the bakery twine!   sort of non-contrived and fun!

tonight, after dinner at Chrislyn and Jason's house,  i need to address

the chaos on the farm table!  

the first lavender harvest of the year took place last night between dryer

repair and dinner.  i will tie to dry for sachets tonight after wrapping

Jay's gifts!

oh! no.     

it's time to go!

 i have got to get to work! 

 i'll see ya Friday!


  1.'re gearing up for FRIDAY, the launch-off for our week-long France party! I love those colorful papers you use, Lynne!

    Happy day! Anita

  2. Love your lavender !!! Happy birthday to Mr.D (repair guy) . Once I fixed my own dryer..gaa, I didn't realize once you take that front off, the drum goes with it. Had to have my daughter hold it while I chenged the drum belt. Oh yes, lots of those fancy words. Hope the rest of your week goes well. xoxo,Susie

  3. Ah! That lavender!!! I have tried THREE times to grow some to no avail. Perhaps I will try again! There's a Lavender Hills Farm near here that hosts a festival every Memorial Day weekend. I will have to look that up and visit them!
    Happy times at YOUR place!!!

  4. What a lovely gift! So pretty and fun - love bakers twine!