Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday's wrap! the month of May and a care package for Jay!

May is a big month here on 34th street.

it starts off with a birthday that's "in sync" with Cinco de Mayo.

next, we celebrate another b-day on the 12th, (which just happened

to be Mother's Day this year.)   our anniversary is on the 18th, 

and the finale,

Jay's day, and three days off in a row!

:: ici ::

 it's a party or a picnic every weekend!

my sister in law, Carol and her husband Gary decided to

take an impromptu drive to Boise just in time for Jay's birthday.

 we sent a B I R T H D A Y  C A R E  P A C K A G E  with them!

he's the one with the cool shoes! ...very "façonnable"!

you all know that Jay is a SPORTS GUY! in fact...let me brag a little,

( i am his Mom!), he was very recently promoted to Sport's Director at KTVB!

"The Catch" May 26, 1995. R.I.P. Kingdome. Never forget.

Chrislyn and Jason's contribution to the package was two very cool 

Ken Griffey Jr. retro t-shirts that they found at Nordstrom, 


she loves her little brother!

...some precious pics of his niece and nephew.

sweet little dreamer!

you may have guessed that Jay's fave baseball player ever is Ken Griffey Jr. 

i could write a book about the joy and inspiration"The Kid" brought to 

our house. when Jay was 9 years old he read over 50 books in the 

Summer reading program for a chance to meet his baseball home run hero! 

 Mr D and i most likely purchased his last Griffey t-shirt when he was twelve, 

so this was a sweet gesture from his sister and Jason.

( i will let you in on a little secret, Jason bought a t-shirt too!)  

if you were a child that grew up in the Pacific Northwest in the late 

80's and early 90's and loved baseball, you undoubtedly loved 

"The Kid!" 4

without saying anything other than,

"we are sending a C A R E  P A C K A G E to Jay via Aunt Carol

and Gary", it's amazing how bit of a theme evolved!

last month, Antique Farm House featured the metal distressed

numbers above.  i thought that they would look awesome in Jay's

bedroom and ordered a two and a four. they are about 13 inches

tall, substantial and a bit heavy...i am so thankful that we didn't 

have to mail them! thank you Aunt Carol and Gary!

 here's the wrap!

i decided i would try my hand at the little fork pom poms that i have been seeing

all over Blogville!  i used baker's twine!

i smushed them onto a gift tag!

the next gift to go into box was two very cool drapery panels from Hobby Lobby.

 ( have i mentioned how i love that store?)

they were 50% off on a grand opening special! 

perfect, for Jay's bedroom redo!

a little more of a challenge to wrap...

...but it turned out nice!

i tossed in a few keepsakes from his baseball years!

Mr D parted with a selection from the Spring release.

the package was wrapped, loaded, and ready to be



(i hope that your week is running on time. with the holiday, i am still a day
behind! see ya Friday!)


  1. What a great post- Those babies are just beautiful and congrats to your son on his promotion. I worked in TV for several years so I know how exciting that is for him. Great collection and I'll bet Jay is gonna love his surprise! xo Diana

  2. What a surprise package for him + Grand post!

  3. What a great, great package! Jay is going to love it, but I bet he's never expected anything less from you! Hurray on his promotion (and you have bragging rights!).


  4. LOVE it all, but the fork pom-poms and those precious faces are divine. Also enjoyed your previous post, especially noticing how you delight in the "little green gem." Oh, how I love to breathe in all the little details that grace us with their presence.
    Have a beautiful day, Lynne.
    Much love.

  5. Good afternoon sweet Lynne! Love abounds in your family, I can see it! Your enthusiasm and kindness I KNOW is a great gift to all, for it is to US out here in Blogland. Enjoy a wonderful week! Anita

  6. What an amazing package!!! You are THE most thoughtful creative lady I KNOW!! You really have a knack for THE perfect gift AND packaging. It is so refreshing to see how well you know that awesome son of yours!

    We use the wine coasters you gave us I always think of you....

  7. What a wonderful and thoughtful care package!

  8. Fantastic job creating a birthday package for Jay.... He is going to love the baseball memorabilia, but probably really needs the drapes. Hahahaha...great job sandwiching what he needs in between what he loves. That's a mom!


  9. Hi Lynne, your wrap is just fabulous, so very suitable for a man, a sporty man no less. Happy Birthday to Jay, and congrats on his promotion. The baby pics are gorgeous. You are having a busy month. Enjoy! Love and hugs, Linda xx

  10. What a great month you have had, Lynne. Congratulations to your son, and those babies are too adorable for words.

  11. Thank you Lynne, i dont know what to say... You are just so beautiful and i am honored that you would book mark me, you are à doll.
    Those babies are adorable, congratulations to your son. Looking forward to your next visit, I am returning to look to you for what you have always inspired over here.

    A beautiful weekend and an inspiring June your way.