Friday, June 21, 2013

French bread on Friday! served with a little random me, and.... belts... and...bling!

when i was 17 i spent the Summer in Europe.  i departed  the USA

weighing 113 pounds. when i returned, i weighed 132.  at my 

school physical, my family physician said, "Lynne, did you eat

your way through Europe?"  (those were the days when a doctor

supervised weight loss, not hyped companies.) 

The BEST ice cream in the world!
...and they gave us gelato! 
Grazie Italia!

...and just between you and me,

:: ici ::

Vive la France! 

who doesn't eat their way through Europe?

:: ici ::

Dr. G. gave me a little food diary and told be to bring it back in two weeks. 

he gave me simple advise. "eat half of what you have been eating."


 "reward yourself with one thing that you love to eat, once a week."

 at that time, i chose pizza,  as it was a tradition to hit Shakey's Pizza Parlour

after Friday night football games.

 as i was leaving the exam room, he said,"one slice!"

 the weight came off and pretty much stayed off, until my early 40's, when Dr G

retired.  up until then, i knew... if the scale at his office neared the 130 mark

 at my yearly physical, he would right the word FAT on my chart in

CAPITAL LETTERS!  he was Dr. Tough Love, and was NOT always

 politically correct when it came to the health and well being of his patients.

( his retirement is not meant to be an excuse for my gain...i  know, it's

 ME...all ME...literally!!!)

when i read Mireille's French Woman Don't Get Fat, i noticed that she

had a caring family doctor that addressed her weight issue. (i loved her book, 

and her Dr's advice as well.) here is my inspiration,

 an original (when they were true"outfitters"), Abercrombie and Fitch belt

that was given to me in the early 80's by my baby brother, Jay. 

he had impeccable taste.

 i attempted to wrap it around my waist the other morning...

... of course, i could not buckle it!

i had entertained the idea of giving up and wrapping it around a basket...

(aren't these ideas cute?)

:: ici ::

...but i decided that his gift was only meant to be wrapped around me!

so...i bit the bullet!

i went all week without opening the stress chocolate drawer at work!

( has been week filled with numerous moments of wall hitting challenges!)

i'm back on track!

for awhile, my once a week treat will be

French bread on Friday!

this morning's French bread was drizzled with honey, sprinkled with

cinnamon, and served with a side of chartreuse! 

why chartreuse?

i immediately went up to my jewel box and retrieved the pretty

bling that was given to me by my dearest Chrislyn, when...

:: ici ::

... i spied this awesome "pin" by Sande Chase at A Gift Wrapped Life!

perfect with my crisp white blouse on this first day of Summertime!

yes, i wear sparkle to work!

patients love sparkle and cheer!

thanks to all who have visited this week...old friends and new!

happy Summer!



  1. Oh Lynne, I love that outfit in that first photo - bon appétit!

  2. And...who wouldn't want to eat their way through Europe ??? You are so funny ! I absolutely love the necklace next to the french bread.... gorgeous ! Happy first day of summer lynne...
    Baci, Mary

  3. Maybe it's less stress, and more walking, but I lose weight every time I go to Europe. I think it's a great excuse to move!

  4. I would imagine it would be incredibly difficult not to eat your way through Europe! Good luck with your diet! Have a great weekend and wear your chartreuse like a diva!

  5. Good morning dearest Lynne!

    I LOVE A DOCTOR THAT SPEAKS THE TRUTH IN LOVE! That is their JOB to address issues that have to do with our well-being. Bravo to Dr. G.! And yes, we all eat ourselves through Europe, I DID! But I also WALKED MY WAY around France and was told by the French themselves, "Madame, vous êtes trop mince!" No matter what I ate, I could not keep the weight ON due to the intense amount of walking. But here in the states, BALANCE of what your dear doctor prescribed (half the amount) with walking is a great recipe for success while eating what you darn well please.

    ENJOY! Anita

  6. Good for you! I need to follow your example! For years and years I weighed 108 pounds. Then 116. Then 124. It kept creeping up til it hit 135 which is where it's been for nearly 20 years. I would love to be 124 again. I count calories and am pretty good at it. The wine gets me, though. So no wine today. Only 3 times a week now. In September I will be 65 and I would LOVE to go for my check up weighing LESS! My motto in life is 'More is always BETTER' - except where my weight is concerned!
    I think we are on the right track, you and I. Remember that saying? 'Nothing TASTES as good as SKINNY feels!' Ah......I'm not ALWAYS so sure about that.

  7. Scrumptious as usual, from beginning to end. BALANCE is key which is why I enjoy our fresh market Saturdays and new recipe weekends so much.
    LOVE the belt ideas, and the jewelry of course.
    Have a gorgeous weekend, love.

  8. I love your attitude and the sparkly necklace. Maintaining weight is a new challenge each day. I'm working on it right now too. :)

  9. Lynne,
    You are so inspiring...I love this post. Love your writing...and such simple and to the point advice from your doctor. I'm going to follow your example! Happy summer dear Lynne!