Friday, June 7, 2013

French bread on Friday...French "trésor" that resides in a little town in Washington State...

years ago we had a boat and enjoyed most of our vacations 

navigating Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Channel Islands of

British Columbia, Canada.

one Summer, our daughter Chrislyn, broke her leg, rollerblading, so we made 

decision to stay on land, and explore "Central Washington State". 

we visited Grand Coulee Dam and all of the well known spots.  

it was when we stopped in Goldendale, that true Serendipity took over! 

 our timing was perfect, the locals urged us head up to the observatory.

there was a meteor shower in the forecast!  

it was a starry, starry night ! 

pure magic!

  the next morning, we headed towards the mighty Columbia River where we


:: ici ::

Stonehenge?  in Washington?  WOW!

we then we drove a little further along the river and saw...

the Museum of Art at Maryhill.  

meet the greeters, the Peacock family!

 inside, we found the most amazing collections of art and artifacts. 

how could i not have known that this amazement was on display so close to home.

when i saw the Faberge' egg the belonged to the Queen of Romania, before the

Russian revolution, tears came to my eyes. i knew that we were about to

share something very special.  my comment to Mr D was..."there is not a 

permanent collection of art in Seattle that compares to this!"

now for the French bread trésor ...

a world class collection of sculpture and drawings made by the great 

French master Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917), considered the father of modern

sculpture, resides here!  the gallery holds 87 works by Rodin,

including bronzes, terracottas,  plaster studies and watercolor sketches.


the collection includes such well-known works as The Thinker,
 The Hand of God, The Age of Bronze and the life-size plaster of Eve
 from his master work The Gates of Hell.

the other exhibit that captured my "love of  fashion heart", was the...

...Théâtre de la Mode

Théâtre de la Mode (Theatre of Fashion) was a 1945–1946 touring exhibit of fashion mannequins, approximately 1/3 the size of human scale, crafted by top Paris fashion designers. It was created to raise funds for war survivors and to help revive the French fashion industry in the aftermath of World War II. The original Théâtre de la Mode exhibit toured Europe and then the United States, and is now part of the permanent collections of the Maryhill Museum of Art in Washington State in the United States.
(source Wikipedia here)

there is a board at Pinterest devoted to the!

i recommend a visit if you should ever travel to Washington or if you 

live in our state!

if you wish to know more about this amazing museum

visit here!  this post is dedicated to Anita, Karena and Dore...

...purveyors of visual and theatre arts in our blog world!

i  have to apologize for the appearance of this post.
Google has been giving me grief from the beginning. the font sizes are
a bit wacky...but i was able to pull it off without having to start over.

i had planned to include a recipe. 
if Google is cooperative, there will be an extra helping of
French bread on the blog tomorrow!

enjoy the week's end!



  1. How fantastic to discover such treasures so close to home... What wonderful things you got to see Lynne. A great post. Happy Friday...
    XO Mary

  2. Oh Lynne my dear, if the tour wasn't enough, to see your dedication to me, Karena and Doré was so special. WHAT A TRÈSOR INDEED!!!!!! Love all the special exhibits and that peacock family is the icing on the cake! MUCH LOVE! Anita

  3. Lynne, I had NO idea all of this resided in Washington state. I love the Pacific Northwest and wish all the time I could pack up and move there. What a brilliant post this is. Of course, I am so sorry your little girl had to break her leg in order for all this to be discovered, but so happy you have told us.
    That museum! I would D.I.E. to see it. xx's

  4. Oh, that fashion exhibit is certainly something I would love to see. Lynne. Thank you for sharing these wonderful places to visit in Washington. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  5. I have not been to Washington in years! 2003 was my last visit! Amber was a synchronized swimmer and we flew into Sea-Tac for a swim meet. That was where her very FIRST National meet was - and her LAST! We loved visiting there and since we home schooled, she and I would stay a few extra days to see the sights! You live in such a beautiful part of the country! Perhaps I will visit again someday.....

  6. What an amazing place, Lynne. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. xo Laura