Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet me for coffee Monday...what's working for "me" right now...nail color, body lotion, and a new brew, Summer Shandy!

nail color!

the week before last i was pinning and saw a color from OPI 

that i wanted to try. i checked the usual places, but had no success!

so i thought...

maybe i'll poke my head inside Walgreens!

they didn't carry OPI at Walgreens.

it's a good thing that they didn't, because a friendly sales

associate greeted me and said, "you should try the Sally Hansen

Complete Salon Manicure"!   "my customers LOVE IT!"

"i even have a coupon for you, it would be a good time to try it!"

by this time, i was thinking...

this isn't Macy's or my beloved Nordstrom. this is a darling

girl at the corner drugstore that loves her job and cares about

her customers!  sure i'll try it!

(...and you ROCK, little lady!)

i always choose nude or clear because i am lucky if a self applied

manicure lasts a day. this product lasted six days without needing a touch up! 

 i am so jazzed! 

with the coupon? 

only 4.49! 


body lotion!

the BLUE label, the RESTORING body lotion is my favorite! 

 my skin feels like when i was a kid!  there is a subtle not so

pleasant smell upon application, (it's the mix of alpha hydroxy and the ceramides), 

but it goes away. i mix it with my scented body lotion.

this may be TMI, but i brake out in a occasional rash due to a food

allergies. this product has suppressed the rash for me.

before up on the product here to see if it would be

a good choice for you!

a new brew!

a  little shout out to my Midwest girlfriends!

this weekend,  Mr D and i went out for lunch after the farmer's 

market. the waitress suggested that we try the "Summer Shandy"! mixed with lemonade... a lower alcohol content...very nice!

"Summer Shandy, is a wheat beer brewed with natural lemonade flavor, it has 
filled a craft beer niche and has taken beer drinkers by storm. its sales soared by 
90 percent in 2012, quickly becoming Leinie’s top-selling beer." 
you can read a little more about it here.

...and if you want to make your own brew concoction...

see Betty Crocker here!

 for my dear friend Alice...

peek at the basket behind the brew on the farm table...

...i found at Home Goods yesterday,

it has your name on it!

welcome June!  

please be nice, especially to Oklahoma!

what's working for you?  

do share!



  1. Such a nice compliment about the young girl at the drugstore. My nails won't grown like they used too...always in water. So I do pale colors more. I am ready for a pleasant month of June.xoxo,Susie

  2. This is a fun post. I'll be trying that nail you my paint jobs are short lived. Thank you for mentioning Oklahoma. We lived there 23 years and our heart hurts for them.


    Isn't it fun when you run into a sales associate that really cares about YOU, the customer? And how fun that your polish lasted. What is working for me these days? Simplifying my home. It is making me so happy and peaceful, and is also making the house a lot bigger! SPACE is what I want and need.

    Enjoy a delightful June day, Anita

  4. I have ugly hands and the nails are nubs! I keep my toes pretty but I ignore my hands. My mother is 88 years old and her hands look younger than mine. Too much turpentine and WORK show on mine! I WILL try that nail polish, though! On my toes! What works for me when I need to have nice looking hands (which is not very often anymore!) is super short French Manicure fake nails. They are glue on and will last me a week if I don't do yard work or a painting project!

  5. What a fun post, Lynne. Great to know about the nail polish. I usually do a french manicure on my fingers but will try it on my toes! Love all the messages to your friends-especially the one warning JUNE to be nice!;>) Have a great night- xo Diana

  6. Hello fabulous Lynne! WELCOME to chez moi! Merci for coming over to see the transformation that really, has been taking place for 17 years and still continues!!!!!

    Have a super day my friend. Anita

  7. Great tips + your kindness is boundless. A big warm hug for OKLAHOMA.

  8. Hello Lynne. Love your tips. New products are always fun. I love getting a pedicure. I love french manicures. I had both on my fingers and toes for my surgery. They could still see my nail bed color. xo Linda