Thursday, June 20, 2013

this morning, from the farm table...grandpa and grandpa speak to me, and you too!

my Mom handed me this worn and torn cigar box the other day.

i immediately said..."that was Grandpa Herb's!" yes, Grandpa Herb was a cigar 

smoker. when Grandma Hazel got older,  i used to go over to their place on 

Vashon Island on my Spring break to clean the cigar film off of the big picture

 windows!   it's a wonderful memory, because  once the Spring cleaning was 

finished Grandpa would take me for ice cream, and Grandma and i would 

bake, craft and sew.

Grandpa Herb is where my French blood came from.

i was is only granddaughter. he called me "Sugar".

does the word Pandora come to mind?

there was a bit of an untangling project to do!

my Grandmother was an amazing, seamstress, re-weaver, knitter, painter and 

crafter extraordinaire!  there wasn't a medium that she did not work with.

just look what i untangled!

i took the images at five am this morning, i apologize for the quality...but

i know you are getting the picture!

un bouquet complet!  

i think that she was trying her hand at orchids...she adored orchids!

i found a tiny beginning...mon petit trésor!

beneath the tangles...more tangles! 

caviar, gold, and snowflakes!

i felt a little vintage gold rush to my heart!

more fun stuff! (i think my Mom tucked in the ribbon rosette!)

there was the sweetest charm at the very bottom of the box!

today's feed the spirit gift!  

do you see it?

the (bakelite) winged stallion that gives one the energy to climb mountains!

 ( wow! i remember this from ninth grade mythology!)

hey Pegasus!

how's that for a little
 energy blast from the past?

happy Thursday!

it's going to be a great day!


  1. What nice memories of your grandparents that you have lynne...and how fun to get the cigar box full of goodies that your grandmother so lovingly made. So, so special! Happy Thursday...XOXO Mary

  2. Lots of treasure, and great memories!

  3. Beautiful memories! What a special treasure box.

  4. Great blast of energy for sure. Just found your lovely blog through Castles, Crowns, and Cottages. I'm your newest follower and a Francophile myself!

  5. I have always loved opening a box or tin and going back in time. My grandmother had a wonderful old button box that as a child I could sit and play with for hours. Thank you for sharing these memories

  6. Good morning sweet Lynne! I am a bit late here, having been outside all day painting our new enclosed deck. Now it's time to do some writing homework, but I just wanted to pop in to say, "Bonjour!"

    What a treasure trove you have here. I had a box for YEARS filled with little trinkets that reminded me of the days my mom sewed. Enjoy these sweet momentos my dear. Have a wonderful evening! Anita

  7. The cigar box and the memories are a treasure.The bead work sooo beautiful.You were lucky to have such wonderful Grandparents.I too have Some French blood.I was born and raised in New Orleans so I know about French bread...LOL.You take care Hon,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  8. How wonderful! A box chock full of precious memories! And the best KIND of memories - you get to HOLD these in your hands!

  9. Not only is the box itself a treasure, but it held treasured memories as well! The beaded flowers are gorgeous!

  10. Love that box filled with memories !!! is great...happy Ria...x !

  11. Wow! So wonderful! I have to comment. The very last image on your post reminds me of my Grandpa H. He worked for Mobil Oil in Oklahoma and retired after a long career. The "red winged horse" was the symbol for Mobil, so when I see one it makes me think of my Grandpa.

  12. A cigar box full of memories, such a gift! Nothing better than finding treasures with memories. Happy Friday.

  13. What a wonderful box of amazing memories. I love searching through boxes. xo Laura

  14. How wonderful! I love stuff with memories attached!