Wednesday, June 5, 2013

this morning, on the farm table...starting a blend of "spring into summer potpourri" !

hello Wednesday!

i hope this day finds everyone well!

we have the most amazing weather happening here in the 

Pacific Northwest.  it could hit 80 degrees today!

i thought that i would share what's happening on the farm table before i 

leave for work!  i dried the 40 pink dogwood blooms from our 40th

anniversary! they dried beautifully, and look so pretty in the vintage trug!

so far, i have planned to add some bay leaf, and lavender to the blooms!

...hmmm...just thinking...this mix could use a touch of lemon!

 gotta go! 

see ya Friday with something yummy!



  1. I didn't know you could dry the dogwood blossoms! HOW GREAT! I miss those trees as we used to see them in Boston, but NOT HERE IN MINNESOTA! In fact, we just put on the heater since it's really cold out today with rain.

    Have a super summer-like day dearest Lynne! Anita

  2. Lynne, that potpourri is going to be so pretty and fragrant... Do the Dogwood Blossoms have a pretty scent? Have a good day.

  3. What a lovely idea to use 40 dogwood blooms for your anniversary...Happy Anniversary!!

    Enjoy this beautiful weather..Can't even believe it, we usually don't get this until well into July (if we're lucky)! xo

  4. Sweet little reminder of your 40th; I love it. Yes, I would add some lemon zest ribbons for sure! Enjoy the heat; good day to dry flowers :)

  5. What a wonderful thing to have to remind you of your 40th. Sweet, simple and pretty! xo Diana

  6. I can just imagine how fragrant your sachets will be. And your pictures belong in Country Living! Where do you find the times, Sweet Lady?


  7. Busy, busy! What a great memento of your anniversary.

  8. I live in the PNW. Haven't we had a great spring? I would never have thought of drying dogwood. Do the blossoms hold there color? Is that French lavender? My lavender has not opened yet.

    Blessings, Dana

  9. What a beautiful way to remember your special day, drying a beautiful flower! Happy Anniversary!!