Sunday, June 30, 2013

we're on a roll ! ...all the way to Independence Day !

Sunday to all of you!

yesterday was Holland's big day!

since Chrislyn finds rare time to blog,  i thought that i

would share some of the festivities and creativity!

she did such a wonderful job bringing Holland's favorite

character Caillou to her celebration day!

the weather was perfect for bubbles and waterworks!

she managed four wardrobe changes by...

...sundae time!

a petite Caillou rode on a galvanized lazy susan filled

with sprinkles, and homemade caramel and chocolate sauce!

(i must get the recipes from Chrislyn to share with you one day!)

the sundaes were self serve a la Maison Mason!

(gotta love this universal on going trend!)

after a couple rounds of the Caillou theme song, lead by the 

birthday girl and her was time to sing "Birthday To You"...

...and blow!

Mr D took this sweet picture of Ben playing with one of the

adorable hand knit puppets made by his Great Grandma Becky!

it was a wonderful day!  lot's of  laughter and hugs!

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next on the agenda?

on the morning of Independence Day, we welcome our son Jay for ten days!

a Mom is truly blessed when she has all of her babies in one place!



  1. THERE THEY ARE! My two little art subjects, in the flesh and as cute as can be....bless them, Lynne! JOY JOY JOY and thank you precious one for coming by for a visit this fine Sunday! Anita

  2. What beautiful pictures, Lynne! They are getting so big-so fast and are just as cute as buttons- xo Diana

  3. How wonderful for them + you! Adorable photos. Happy Week.