Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a welcome home gift for Jay... (a perfect, simple "blessing"... and it's tutorial!)

this all started out with my hunt for a cross

for my grandson Ben's nursery.  i wanted something special

like the cross that i found for Holland, at Maggie Weldon, here...but for a boy!

Chrislyn said, "Mom, i found the sweetest cross on Pinterest!"

"it's perfect!"

she was "right on" !

not only was it perfect for Ben, it would also be perfect for Jay!

those of you that have been following me, know that baseball holds it's

place in our life here on 34th street.

when Chrislyn asked if i had any baseballs around the house...

...i had to chuckle.  we have over 100! 

(most of them holding a sentimental attachment.)

Chrislyn made Ben's cross, and this morning, i made Jay's ...

all you need is a baseball, and a (half price) shadow 
box.  i found this box at Hobby Lobby!

oh!'ll need an x-acto knife!

just cut along in the little groove between the stitches.
( i went around twice.)

it's pretty stringy inside a baseball!

this was an old, and very used ball so the leather was stiff.

i removed the layer of string from each piece!

the shadowbox frame came with the burlap
background and four push pins! i am telling you
this little project was almost effortless...

... for something that turned out so sweet!

the gift will be on his pillow when he arrives home
early tomorrow morning.

For Jay:
Baseball IS like life!
We make errors.
In life, it is HIS sacrifice that will bring you HOME!
We Love you!
Mom and Dad!
July 4th 2013

we'll have a big hug and put on the biscuits and gravy!

Happy Birthday, America!

i'll see you all on Friday!



  1. How sweet is the cross made from a baseball!

  2. I can't believe how absolutely PERFECT this is!!!! God does have a way of leading us to the MOST perfect ideas! My son is crazy about the Texas Rangers. I would love to make one for his birthday - and I just may now. Thanks to YOU!!!

  3. What a perfectly thoughtful and fitting gift! Love it... Happy 4th.
    XOXO Mary

  4. This is just perfect, Lynne! I love it! :)


  5. How wonderful you made that cross for him. Happy 4th.

  6. I love this. I think I might make this with one of my dad's old baseballs in his honor.

  7. So thoughtful, fitting, and awesome. Love it. I have to make these for my guys!