Sunday, July 7, 2013

while the camera is away... i'll be sharing "parfait!"

you may be thinking...Lynne, why not use your phone?

(i am very disappointed in the quality of images from my android.)

thank goodness, Mr D and i are due to exchange them in the Fall.

without a proper camera, i will be sharing "what's inspiring me right now!"

the images are from Susan Hawthorne's recent trip to France.  

her photographs inspired me to create a Pinterest board called...


the linen table clothes and luminaries have inspired some changes for the 

chandie and the farm table. 

i cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed her posts and how very inspiring they 

have been to me. her journey starts  "H E R E".   

you will love it! 



  1. I have one good thing to say about taking photos with my droid..The light doesn't have to be that great. But I agree that the phones don't compare to a camera, that's for sure.

    Have a sweet Sunday. xo

  2. Well, You know I gotta check that out~ Gorgeous pictures here- xo Diana

  3. Great idea! I am the world's worst photographer and I cannot find anything to blame it on except myself. And, I have a son who is a professional commercial photographer!