Saturday, August 24, 2013

a Saturday evening post ...ramblings under the bluest skies...with a little slice of my history!

when i arrived at Mom and Dad's condo to take Mom 

to her birthday lunch, she wasn't quite ready to go!

while waiting, i sat with Dad on their patio,

 and snapped a few pictures. 

i am still getting to know my new little Nikon Cool-pix. 

it's not as friendly as my old one. 

if you are around my age, you may remember Perry Como... 

be still,(little slice of Italian that makes up)my heart.

...singing, "Seattle".  The song was the theme of the 

television show, "Here Come The Brides"!

it ran from 1968 to 1970. i was in high school.

lot's of girls had a crush on Bobby Sherman.

i was still crushing on Paul McCartney and Carl

Yastrzemski at that time! 

i remember hearing it

when i was in Italy in the summer of 1969.

i cried because i was a bit home sick. 


back to the blue!


when i returned home to download my pictures,

i was so thankful that my camera, captured the blue!

isn't it amazing?

with Mom ready to go, we headed to the Windmill Bistro,

 where we found more beautiful under the blue!

we didn't lunch outside today, the crew was busy setting 

the stage for a three o'clock wedding! i thought it was 

so nice that they had ice water set up for them as they

worked under the sun.

the food is very good, and the service is neighborhood

 friendly. next year, i hope to cultivate a small

bed of fresh herbs like the one above. 

we walked through the gardens after lunch.

the last time i was here, i had just broken

my camera, so i couldn't show you this

beautiful place.

the full bloom for the couple's special day.

on our way back to the car...

one last stop...

i hope it's not TMI!

i love to critique ladies rooms!

this room is one of my faves!


...back to blue!

although, i live a city south of Seattle, 

it is the birthplace of my Grandmother, my Mother 

and i me! we were all born in the same hospital.

when i returned Mom home, she gave me

this little photograph of my Grandmother Hazel

(her Mom), at Queen Anne High School!

Mom also graduated from Queen Anne.

it was sweet making memories with

Mom under the bluest skies!

the bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle 
and the hills the greenest green, in Seattle 
like a beautiful child, growing up, free an' wild 
full of hopes an' full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears 
full of dreams to last the years, in Seattle 
. . . in Seattle! 




    Oh Lynne, it is a joy to follow you! Anita

  2. Wonderful photos! The gardens look so lovely and that beach - beautiful!!

    1. ...and Ms. Heather, you have the glorious "Sea to Sky". That Horseshoe Bay...GLORIOUS!

  3. Lynne, I could move to the Pacific NW in a heartbeat! I love it there and you've just given me one more reason. And, isn't having this nice heritage wonderful! xx's

  4. What a fun and sentimental day you had Lynne. That blue!!! Wow, spectacular!!! Love Seattle. Happy Sunday.
    Ciao Bella...

  5. My goodness, I love every picture you have posted. What beautiful sights. It's nice your mom gave you the picture of your grandmother. Forever young in photos. I do remember Perry Como, his singing was much like Andy Williams. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. These are simply gorgeous pictures, Lynne. Your parent have a beautiful view from their balcony, I really envy that. The restaurant and it's gardens took my breath away! I may have mentioned that we stopped for a day and a night in Seattle on our way to Vancouver a few years ago and I really, really loved it!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! :)


  7. What beautiful phots! happy birthday to your mom + a wonderful photo of your grandmother.

  8. Bless you dear Lynne! I CAUGHT IT! GOT IT as it falls from the constellation of lives. BLESSINGS! Anita

  9. How precious! I love how you have such history within your family. That's a blessing not everyone has! I can tell you treasure it!! Thank you for sharing. Never too much TMI!!! I wanted to SEE that bathroom!!! I seldom miss one and some are pretty pretty awesome!!

  10. Your photos made me remember how clear the skies are in Seattle (on sunny days.) When I visited relatives there the first time, I was so surprised to find skies and landscapes. Growing up in north Alabama,our weather was much more humid which causes the skies to be less crisp. Thank you for sharing your new camera's photos!


  11. What lovely photos. You sure live in a beautiful part of the world.

  12. Those blue skies of Seattle are fantastic! Happy Birthday to your mom! Love the priceless photo of your grandmother.
    Lots of wonderful memories, thanks so much for sharing. Also thank you ever so much for your inspiring comments on blog. It makes my day! Happy Monday!


  13. Lynne,
    The blue waters and blue sky are just beautiful. The Windmill Bistro sounds like such a charming place. I love the picture with the ivy growing around the building. That is a picture to be framed. And your Grandmother Hazel's photo is priceless. So glad you spent special time with your mom.


  14. Oh Lynne! You were one street over from my house!! (The windmill!!)

    That place is so beautiful!!

    Enjoyed your colorful pictures :)


  15. What a beautiful place!
    Your camera also worked on it :)
    I love how the blue of ocean, and the picture of grandma is lovely vintage.

    Thanks for sharing! Hugs,

  16. What a gorgeous place, Lynne and wonderful memories. xo Laura

  17. What amazing beautiful place. You create some very very lovely photos with your new camera.. The gardens are most wonderful and unique. Loved them. Thanks for sharing all your glorious photos. Hugs Judy