Monday, August 12, 2013

market fresh...

we are at the peak of the farmers market season here in the

 Pacific Northwest!

on Saturday, Chrislyn and i visited our favorite market in downtown

Puyallup. it was a quick trip since the babies were with us and we

needed to be home for lunchtime and naps.

last week, i picked up a copy of Autumn Cottage!  i remembered seeing

 the interesting prickly flowers featured in the photo on the right

at the market last Saturday, so i was on a quest to find them again!

i found the flower vendor! she sold me three of the prickly flowers and

some Queen Anne's Lace for 2.50.  the stroller was so filled with

market fresh that Holland ended up in Ben's seat!

 Chrislyn and i took turns holding Ben as we finished our shopping.

we made it home in perfect time for lunch and naps.

after lunch, i returned home to 34th street and made a simple

deep into Summer arrangement, using the pretty mercury

glass vase that the kid's gave me for Mothers Day! i added fresh

bay leaf from the back yard to the mix and dressed it up with

one of Michele's handmade ruffled raw linen napkins, and bit of

 crystal bling!  i am loving patina of my grandmother's

plated silver through this season's transition!

time to head to the office!

here's to soaking in the last weeks of summer...


(p.s. if any of you know the name of the prickly
periwinkle tell!)


  1. How fun! I love beets. Are those flowers globe thistle?

  2. Oh so fun. Sigh...I was just telling my husband yesterday that we have not been to one of our Saturday farmer's market tours in a while and I could sure one. I don't know, but they're always such a treat.
    Love the babies, and the seat switch. :)
    I have to come back as I like to visit with you...cup of coffee in my hand and no rush. I stopped by yesterday for a quick glimpse. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up. Oh yes, your L looks PERFECT on my page. :)

  3. Really like how the flower arrangement turned out! Those napkins are awesome!! I have my eye on some at World Market that have a similar vintage feel.

  4. There is nothing like a true farmer's market, is there? Great pictures and the flowers are gorgeous. I love the napkins, too...and the pictures of the little one are just precious. xo Diana

  5. Ah.....Patina. The patina of life in many areas is what makes me swoon. How lovely to see the kids here, happy and amongst the beets and radishes!!!! Anita

  6. XOXOOXOXOOX - how lovely to see YOU my dear and French-loving friend! Negative is a good word in so many ways......Anita

  7. Love your simple late summer bouquet. Those kids are just precious, my friend. xo Laura

  8. Sounds like a fun little trip. The kids are adorable . I love your little arrangement, and also the little hint at Autumn :)
    Have a lovely day Lynne.
    XOXO Mary

  9. the bouquet is so lovely. adore the farmer markets here also.

  10. I love all your photos. Your grandchildren are adorable. I think you did a wonderful arrangement. xoxo,Susie

  11. SUCH a lovely post and I can appreciate the need to do lovely things and STILL get home for lunch and naps! That is THE most beautiful flower arrangement!! Using the cloth and pin was a genius idea! But then, you ARE a genius!!!

  12. OOh! So pretty Lynne! I've missed the blog world, but enjoyed catching up with your blog!! We went to the Farmer's market there in Puyallup not too long ago (before the busy summer season hit at work) Your grand babies are adorable, and so is your beautiful arrangement!!

    Best wishes :)

  13. Haha! You are my go to blog for cute wrapping but alas it was elsewhere:

    See how cute it is for yourself.