Friday, August 16, 2013

French bread on Friday! my favorite wrap!

next week holds my mother's 84th birthday!

posts from two years ago.  i didn't have many followers

back then, so i thought that i would share it today!

i know that i won't be pulling any one's leg to direct you to 

if you would like to add a delicious French touch to 

a gift, or find a fun use for this bit of  

chic bon appetit, you may download

"leur menu du jour",  HERE!

i'll be wrapping for Mom on Wednesday!


to make butterflies!

p.s.s.  OMGoodness! the image of the yellow ranunculus!
i have been entranced by The Paris Color project and!


  1. Oh, this butterfly is so creative. First of all, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my anniversary post. It touched my heart very much.

    Happy Birthday to your dear mother - 84 years old -TIME TO CELEBRATE!


  2. Happy birthday to your mom....please hug her for me, if you are able to be with her...cause I sure miss my mother. I love all the pretty colors of France on the last site.:):) Enjoy your weekend.xoxo,Susie

  3. Happy birthday to your mom darling......lovely Ria...x !

  4. How fantastic is THIS! LOVE IT and your mum is going to be 84? BLESS HER!!! Anita

  5. A very Happy Birthday to your mom! My mom turns 85 next month..Bless both of their hearts.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I still can't get over our weather this summer. xo

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana ps. too cute wrapping idea.

  7. Happy birthday to your mom. Gorgeous wrapping. I couldn't resist stopping by again today for French bread on Friday. :) LOVE the images at The Paris Color Project.

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom!
    That's glorious years of her :)
    The gift is wonderful with beautiful wrapping.
    Come to your blog is like come to Paris.

    I am new follower of you.


  9. I love the yellow too and the black ribbon against it is stunning! Happy birthday to your Mum. Mine was 93 last week and is far fitter than I am! Long may they live and continue to share their wisdom and sage advice with us!! Joan

  10. Lovely wrapping idea! Wishing your Mom a happy birthday :)

  11. Happy birthday to your mom. Mine turned 89 last week. She keeps asking me "how did I get this old?" xo Laura

  12. What a wonderful idea! Happy birthday to your mom!

  13. Hi Lynne!

    I love that picture and think that butterfly you made is so sweet! I hope your mom has a beautiful birthday! :)

    I have been enjoying catching up on your lovely blog~ I love my visits here, so peaceful and calming!

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend, my friend!

    Much love,
    {Swedish Prairie}