Friday, August 9, 2013

French bread on Friday, part two...a decorating "faux pas"!

my black cupboard makeover was a HUGE disappointment!

it was both BOLD, and CRAZY, (like that print fabric),

 for me to publish my decor disaster this morning.

i just had to share my frustration with you before 

i headed off to work.

as soon as i arrived home from the office this evening...

...i went straight to the cupboard!

the fabric and letters are gone!

 there will be nothing to hide the prettiness that is happening inside!

i am filling it with French creme, linen, lavender and laundered burlap!

the simple and pretty things that i use almost everyday!

nuit mes chers ceux la bonne!



  1. Now that is more like it...more you, more Fabulously French.:):) I wish I knew the language..I do not know what you said in the last sentence, I just know it was something sweet. xoxo,Susie

  2. I love SEEING all your pretty things!! The good thing about decorating.....nothing's permanent. I am playing with stucco and faux painting in my hall.....not sure yet exactly where I'm going but I AM going somewhere!!!

  3. I like seeing inside cabinets with glass fronts, so I really like that you decided not to use the fabric. Love everything you're putting into the Frenchy cabinet. :)


  4. Well, it's through trial and error that we find what we really want, and let me tell you, I KNOW! I know that you will find the perfect combo of colors and textures for this lovely piece dear Lynne! Anita

  5. We have all had our share of decorating mistakes, but the best part of it is they can almost always be repaired. This now looks beautiful. xo Laura

  6. Anita said it perfectly. We all do this sometimes. Just fix it and you will be divinely happy, I know. I just painted some huge pottery jars shiny black. They are absolutely beautiful! But, the man of the house says he thinks they are harsh...he can't see my vision, of course. This is happening on the outside front door entryway, which is very large. I asked him what color he would like and he said RED !!! ???

  7. Lynne, your cupboard is so pretty with all of your lovely things showing. So nice to reorganize and see things in a little different way... I love doing that! Have a lovely Sunday
    XOXO Mary

  8. As I said in the previous post, try a sheer lace if possible, one that will let all the pretties inside stand out and look more like a typical French cafe curtain.
    I loved visiting today, friend.
    Have a gorgeous weekend.