Friday, August 2, 2013

French bread on Friday...August's pink post!

i am getting to love the monthly pink posts...

when i saw this image, i knew that i had to bake "her" a cake!

Julia Carolyn Child 
 August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004
(we haven't let go of you !)

happy "August" dear friends!
(don't forget to check on the girls!)

i'll see ya next Friday with the black cupboard makeover!



  1. Love the pink cake !!! Have a good weekend Lynne...
    XO XO Mary

  2. Hello sweet one! I have not seen a post from you in a while, but this summer seems to be keeping everyone outside or busy in some way, including myself! So comforting to see you. Much love! Anita

  3. Yummy pink goodness, and what a perfect celebration. Julia deserves every bit of it. We're celebrating my husband's birthday this entire weekend, so bring on more cake!
    Have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  4. Beautiful cakes and Happy August to you, too. xo Diana

  5. Love the pink cake! You know about my obsession with cakes these days :)

  6. A treat for the eyes - too pretty to cut. Bon weekend

  7. I loved the movie Julie and Julia! I suddenly feel the urge to watch it once again! But I will wait until Wednesday(the day I spend in Quadville)and watch it with Amber. She and I saw it together when it first came out in 2009.
    Happy WEEK END!!!!

  8. such a beautiful post + lovin me some pink + Julia + have a wonderful

  9. Her biography (Dearie) is the best...she was one neat lady!! Wish I could have met her!

  10. Sweet and beautiful Lynne!

    Thank you for coming today, and I'm so glad that I can write something meaningful enough at this point of my writing abilities, that would make a heavy heart glad. I pray you are well, and all anyone of us can do is rest, trust, get up again and do what we are called to do. But rest is so important! Be well....Anita

  11. what a refreshing post .... it settled me right down!!

    think pink

  12. Aw that's a lovely birthday cake. I'll take a extra big slice since I'll be celebrating another grand year on the 20th. :)

  13. Hi Just found your blog! Lovely pink cake post,
    I Love pink and August too! My birthday a couple days ago and anniversary!
    I loved the Julia Child movie I think everyone should see it!
    Visit me sometime when you get a minute!