Wednesday, August 21, 2013

once in a blue moon!

last night, after work, i made a quick stop at George's produce

stand, before heading home for the evening.

Mr D had taken the day off, as he was recovering from

a bug that hit us over the weekend.  he had a roast cooking on his trusty

rotisserie!  we sat down to dinner and the news!  we rarely watch the

news with dinner. i was so glad that we did, because we saw

this view of the "blue moon" over our majestic Mount Rainier!

the image was taken by Joseph Deblois in Olympia! i immediately

thought...oh my goodness!

in all of the rush, i forgot to take time to view the blue moon!

early this morning, i watched the blue moon float into the west.

then i looked to the left to greet our mountain!

i ran inside, grabbed my point and shoot and headed up the

stairs to our bedroom!

with the song, "Blue Moon", still stuck in my head, i snapped

a few images of her majesty at sunrise!

"...and when i look to the moon tonight...

...i know it will have turned to gold!" 

...just singing and mixing up the words along the way into

this new day!

blue moon
now i'm no longer alone
without a dream in my heart
without a love of my own

and then there suddenly appeared before me
the only one my arms will ever hold
i heard somebody whisper please adore me
and when i looked the moon had turned to gold

did you notice the golden leaf on the tree?

it's ready to FALL!



  1. Good morning! These images are unreal! What gorgeous scenery surrounds your home. I like how the scene inspired that song to come to mind. Have a lovely day!

  2. How lovely + I adore the song + the moon.

  3. I love moon shots and I am not talking about the naughty kind.:):) I love this post. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. It was a beautiful sight from my view (4:30 a.m.)
    I too felt the crisp air upon my face.


  5. What beautiful shots! I was just in Seattle a month ago and got to see that beautiful mountain. Can't imagine how spectacular that must have been with the blue moon.


  6. I went out this morning while it was still dark to see this moon! I was so touched to have that quiet hour with her, so lovely up in the sky. GORGEOUS SHOT, LYNNE! Anita

  7. Late last night I stood looking at the full moon through the roof windows in my sunspace thinking how beautiful it was. I was not aware it was a blue moon until I read your post today. Your photo of Mt. Rainier with the blue moon in the background is breathtaking. I pinned it to my Pinterest board "Heavenly Skies and Seas."

    Your view of Mt. Rainier is so beautiful. I cannot imagine how wonderful it must be to look at it every day through all kinds of weather and through all the seasons.


  8. The photos are beautiful! It was a spectacular moon..all night long I kept thinking that the alarm would soon be going off because it was so bright! xo

  9. I guess the next one is in 2015? We had a neighbor that used to have a Blue Moon party whenever there WAS a blue moon. It really is amazing. Great post-xo Diana

  10. What a lovely post - the photos are beautiful of the blue moon and now I have that song in my head too!!

  11. GLORIOUS!!! That's what it is. God at his best. Your pictures are devine. As for the song, I play it all the time. I make CD's and of course my favorite songs are from the golden yrs. If you would like a copy let me know.
    No charge at all.
    Marie Antoinette